It was only a matter of time before Kim Zolciak put her name on a swimwear line. After years of posting mirror selfies of her bikini body, capitalizing on her social media following to start a bikini line is a logical next step. Sure, “swimsuit designer” is a common occupation among the Real Housewives, so I don’t feel like the world is lacking when it comes to bathing suit options “designed by” reality TV stars, but she does have six kids to feed.

It feels like Kim is currently endorsing or “designing” every type of product under the sun, so I’m really not shocked that she will now be selling bikinis. It’s pretty easy to make fun of Kim for her constant promotion, but to be honest, if I could make a shit ton of money by posting about brands on Instagram and putting my name on random products, I would do it too. Get after it while you can, Kim.


Kim didn’t share any of the specifics about her latest business adventure, but I’m sure she will be way more open about it during the next season of Don’t Be Tardy. This woman knows how to work that cross-promotion game.

Kim put up a selfie that I sadly recognized from a previous post of hers. After hardcore judging myself for a few seconds, I realized that she wasn’t just showing off her body. She captioned the pic, “Bikini line coming soon we use only the BEST fabric!” She didn’t share the name of her line or any details about when and wear to buy the suits, but I guess she’s just building up the mystery and intrigue. Is that suit from her line? Like I embarrassingly admitted before, I do recognize the pic and it was from a while ago, so I’m surprised she didn’t share it any sooner.

Nevertheless, I’m sure we will see her “designing” some bikinis next season on her show.

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[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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