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Cynthia Bailey Says Peter Thomas Is Sick Of Lies On RHOA; Is “Disappointed And Disgusted” By Phaedra And Porsha

Cynthia Bailey is like an old-fashioned Housewife from back in the day when Housewives was about the interpersonal family dramas, not feuding with cast members over strange social protocol or complete lies. Still Cynthia is sharing a show with these ladies and their “disgusting and disappointing” behavior.

Part 3 of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion (aka when the reunion got REALLY shocking!) began with Cynthia and Peter Thomas discussing their failed marriage. “I think he will always feel like I gave up on our marriage, and I will always feel like I gave the marriage all I could give. Regardless, I am very grateful that through it all, we still love and respect each other. That means a lot to me. ”


Well, Cynthia was the only person experiencing love that night. Peter stormed off set demanding a drink. Because, apparently he of the many lawsuits and foreclosures is tired of dishonesty and lies.

“I initially assumed he was uncomfortable discussing our marriage, or was upset about something I said,” reveals Cynthia. “In the end, he made it clear that he was just sick of all the lies and B.S. that has been going on in the circle, and did not want to sit through it. So he left.”

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About that B.S…. it was something, wasn’t it? “I was shocked that Phaedra [Parks] was the one that told Porsha [Williams] the rumors,” blogs Cynthia. “After the shock wore off, I was just disappointed and disgusted with the realization of how far some of the women in this circle are willing to go to try to humiliate and hurt each other.”

“I will never allow myself to stoop to this level,” Cynthia continues. “I would also never allow anyone to convince me to spread such serious allegations about someone for months without at least trying to find out if there was any real truth to it. It was was an all time low for everyone that took part in it. An embarrassment to women and young girls. Phaedra gave Porsha the gun, but it was Porsha’s choice to shoot the bullets. Pathetic and sad situation.”

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Cynthia maintains a friendship with Kenya, who although she hasn’t accused anyone of drugging and raping has been behind some plenty spurious allegations and behaviors. Furthermore, wasn’t Cynthia part of accusations that Phaedra was cheating on Apollo with Mr. Chocolate? Did Cynthia do her due diligence then?

Phaedra and Porsha are beyond wrong and inexcusable, but ALL the women have stooped to super low levels before, although Cynthia is correct: it’s disgusting and disappointing. Hopefully this will be reality check to both Bravo and the cast!


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