Cynthia Bailey Says RHOA Reunion Made Her Feel Dirty: “It Was Just Too Dark, Toxic & Negative”


Cynthia Bailey and I were kindred spirits in our reactions to the vitriolic, insane, and frankly gross Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion.

In part four Porsha Williams outed Phaedra Parks as being the source behind the rumors that Kandi Burruss planned to drug and rape her. Cynthia admits she was completely unprepared for what went down and was in shock after learning the truth.


Considering that reunions are never a good thing, this won out as particularly debased. “All the energy from the lies, screaming, inappropriate sex talk, name calling, and cursing was just too dark, toxic, and negative spiritually for me.”

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“My heart went out to Kandi. She had been battling the lies that Phaedra and Porsha said about her all season,” sympathizes Cynthia. “It’s really disgusting and sad to see grown women make up blatant, disgusting rumors about each other with absolutely no remorse, receipts, or confirmation of truth.”

For Cynthia this was absolutely a line too far and she offers this warning, “There should be limits morally and legally as to how far you are willing to go to try to hurt someone and their family. I was grateful to not have been affiliated with this garbage in any way. Thank God the truth finally came out, and Kandi was vindicated.”

“I honestly believe that if the vicious lies don’t stop amongst our circle, it will be our downfall,” Cynthia added. I think it already has been the downfall. Phaedra is not coming back. Kandi was rumored to be considering legal action. And the show lost one of its executive producers over the situation. They need to regroup, majorly recast, and rebuild. It’s far too late to just hodgepodge things together with the current cast.

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“After the reunion I went home, took a long hot shower, ate a big piece of my birthday cake, prayed, and went to bed,” Cynthia shares in her Bravo blog. “I was exhausted and just wanted to wash the day off and focus on something positive.” And this is coming from the woman who was married to Peter


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