Watching that last Real Housewives of New York episode, I couldn’t help getting vicariously nervous that Ramona Singer was going to miss her own birthday party. Sure, it was a surprise party so Ramona had no idea that she was messing up the plans by double booking that night. It was just pretty obnoxious that she couldn’t spend time with Dorinda Medley without having the backup plan of going out to dinner with a random whose name she couldn’t remember.

Nevertheless, she made it to the party, seemed genuinely touched, and Dorinda was able to pull off the surprise. I have no idea how Ramona didn’t see it coming after her conversation with Carole Radziwill, but Ramona wasn’t paying attention- as per usual- which was actually a good thing this one time.


Ramona didn’t get into too much drama during that last episode, so she didn’t have a lot to address in her Bravo blog entry, but she was pumped about the party. Needless to say it was far from a juicy read.

Ramona said, “I still can’t believe that I just celebrated such a major milestone birthday in my life! I am so fortunate to have friends that I love and that wanted to share that day/evening with me.”

She continued,  “Friends are so dear to me, and I cherish them so much. Dorinda really knew how to keep this secret going, even though Carole made a little faux pas! It’s a good thing that both of us are kind of clueless sometimes and speak the language of confusion! It worked this time…and I was totally surprised.” Well, yeah. Listening has never been Ramona’s strength, but thankfully it all worked out this time.

Ramona kept humble bragging about how sought after she was that night: “I really almost didn’t go, as I had this date. Yes, I do sometimes book more than one activity in the same night! Dorinda was late, and I was getting so stressed about traveling all the way to Chelsea! When I got off the elevator, I was shocked! Wow, surprise!” Oh, Ramona.

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