Kate Chastain Dishes On The Below Deck Cast, The Allure Of Ben Robinson, & Bobby Giancola “Behaving Like A Vanderpump Rules Cast Member”

Whether you love watching Kate Chastain on Below Deck or you can’t stand her, you have to admit that she’s interesting. Kate always has a lot to say on everything…and everyone. She has had her fair share of drama with her fellow cast members, but she actually keeps in touch with most of them- even her former flame Ben Robinson.

Kate had a lot to say about Ben, but she also talked about some other members of the Below Deck and a couple people from Below Deck Mediterranean. She even blamed the success of Vanderpump Rules for Bobby Giancola’s recent off-putting behavior.


Kate talked with another Kate with the same initials- Kate Casey– during the latest episode of her Reality Life podcast. Kate Casey asked about her relationships with the cast outside of filming, and Kate actually has a lot of strong ties, even with all of the dramatics of being on reality TV.

She admitted, “I need my space away, but for some reason I am like the Below Deck cast member hotline.” Apparently a lot of people are hitting her up to talk and hang out. Weirdly enough, Kate is still in touch with former flame Ben even though he’s still dating Emily Warburton-Adams. She revealed, “Two weeks ago I had Ben visiting me in town and then he went back to Ft. Lauderdale and Emily was sending me messages from London talking about feeling insecure in the relationship and I’m like ‘You’re fine, Emily. He likes you.'” Reaching out to a boyfriend’s former flame seems a little odd to me, but good for them being mature and all that. Speaking of Ben’s love interests, Kate also mentioned, “And then the new stewardess Lauren [Cohen] on Below Deck Med because Ben had brought up as a date in the summer. So I knew her.” How does Ben get all these girls? I really just don’t see it. I’m not being a hater, but it’s not translating through my TV viewing.

Kate also revealed, “Bobby I got on the show because he was from my hometown so he was calling me.” That is not something that most people would brag about. She added, “And Hannah [Ferrier] and I are friends and Captain Lee was calling me. This was like all in one week.” And I’m sure a lot of those calls had to do with the feud between Hannah and Bobby.

She explained, “I was telling my friends, ‘I love everyone. I love talking to them, but it’s like a part-time job.'” That sounds like a part-time job that I would love to have, but then again, I am reality TV obsessed…obviously. Kate said, “I really value my friendships. Amy Johnson is going to come stay with me in a couple weeks. So I stay in touch with most people.”

One person that Kate Chastain would never keep in touch with is Rocky Dakota. Still, Kate Casey couldn’t help asking, “Is Rocky as much of a nut bag as she seems?” Chastain confessed, “I was just talking about Rocky earlier this week and I have to give her a compliment before I answer that question. People are still asking about her. People are still talking about her.  I mean she was great TV for that one season.” So true.

Still, she couldn’t help taking some digs at Rocky: “That being said, she’s also the most insane person that I think I’d ever met, but it’s like intelligent crazy. Sometimes people who are really smart are also kind of crazy.” At least she referred to her as “smart”…

Kate continued, “I think if she just got a good prescription from a doctor and balanced her mind out or something that she could do great things. Even the producers- they work with crazy people and look for crazy people- were like ‘This one is crazy.’ I think one producer said, ‘What the audience saw was just a fraction. We tried to edit her to look as sane as possible because we didn’t want people to change the channel because she was too crazy.'” If a Bravo producer thinks you’re too crazy, then you’re definitely too crazy.

Since Below Deck is in between seasons, we are left with Below Deck Mediterranean to keep us entertained. Unfortunately, that means that Bobby has taken center stage. Kate explained, “I thought he did okay his first season, but it started airing and it’s intense when you’re on a first season of a reality show: the feedback you get, the attention you get.” I get that… Or at least I can imagine how it would be an interesting experience to deal with.

Weirdly enough, Kate blames the success of Vanderpump Rules for Bobby’s ego. She said, “The fact that his friend Ariana [Madix] is on Pump Rules– she’s also from our town- I think that Bobby is behaving like a Pump Rules [cast member].” That sounds like it’s kind of a stretch, but anyway, Kate also said, “I think that Ariana probably gave him some advice and he probably watched Pump Rules and saw Tom Sandoval crying a lot and saw like all the outrageous behavior of the Pump Rules people and thought that if he applied that kind of strategy to Below Deck, he would do well. But I think it’s backfiring.” Yep. It’s backfiring.. in a major way.

After the Bobby convo, Kate Casey asked what I have been wondering for years: “What is the allure of Ben?” I too am so confused by the appeal there. Kate Chastain confessed, “I understand why people are asking that question because I wasn’t on the first season of Below Deck. I actually watched it.” She even admitted, “I thought Ben was obnoxious.”

Kate explained, “When you meet him, he’s very intelligent. He’s one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met and he’s got a very posh accent. And there’s just something about him once you meet him that it’s charming.” She added, “He’s really fun to banter with and he’s also kind of a bad boy.” Yeah, I still don’t get it, but Ben definitely made for some story lines on Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean.

Tonight is an all new episode of Below Deck Med. Join us here in the comments at 9/8 CST. What you can expect to see tonight: “The rift between Bobby and Hannah grows even wider when Lauren is dragged into a heated debate about the past. A frustrated Bobby calls out Lauren for having an affair with one of his close friends, leaving an emotional Lauren feeling ostracized. Meanwhile, a group of revealing charter guests shed their clothes while the deck crew tries to remain professional. Bugsy learns of a devastating loss back home and must decide whether she should go home or work through her pain. And, a challenging stern tie goes awry as the boat starts drifting into the cliffside potentially leaving the guests safety in jeopardy.”

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