Lisa Vanderpump On Capital Hill

Lisa Vanderpump Celebrates After China Temporarily Bans Yulin Dog Meat Festival

I love it when we’re able to share a positive story about Real Housewives – in this case, Lisa Vanderpump‘s crusade to get China to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival has paid off with the government issuing a temporary ban against the disgusting practice. 

There is a way to go before the practice is outlawed entirely. “It’s not over yet,” cautions the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star, “but apparently they are going to enforce fines of up to $900 and possibly arrest violators starting on June 15 so it’s a huge step in the right direction.”


When she learned of China’s decision to take action, Lisa cried for 10 minutes. This small victory encourages her to fight even harder.

Lisa has been an outspoken advocate against the festival, hosting marches and dog days, appearing before congress, and working on a documentary about the barbaric practice which has taken her to Hong Kong. Lisa and Ken both thank Bravo and RHOBH for helping them raise awareness. Lisa refused to return to RHOBH last season unless Bravo agreed to highlight her advocacy against Yulin. Well, broadcasting from that enormous platform has worked.

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“I think they have felt the pressure from the West and certainly with the help of Bravo and Evolution Media in showcasing our marches and our gala. All the press they have helped us garner has been instrumental in this fight and in spreading the word all over the world,” Lisa tells The Daily Mail. “It is definitely China saying, ‘We hear you.’ We are kind of moving in the right direction.”

Lisa also thanks Ken for his support and determination. He has been with her every step of the way, saying from the beginning, “We will do everything we can.”

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“I just think it’s incredible if we have managed to make change,” acknowledges Lisa. “Any torture against any animal is a crime against humanity.”

Next will be the release of Lisa’s documentary, which is “not just about Yulin, it’s about the fight for the humane treatment of dogs worldwide.”

Lisa recently visited Capital Hill again – even meeting with Speaker Ryan – to continue legislation pressuring China to make the ban permanent through House Resolution 30. So, if you support it, call your representatives about the matter. Or maybe Lisa should just run for office?!


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