Ramona Singer & Luann D'Agostino

The ladies of Real Housewives of New York were a tad obsessed with Luann de Lesseps‘ wedding plans when they filmed this season together, for good reason, obviously. Luann is trying to let it all roll right off her back and is thankful for friends like Sonja Morgan who are showing a little support of her decision to move forward with the wedding to Tom D’Agostino, despite Tom’s cheating.

She shared in her blog this week, “Who has time for negativity when I’m planning a fabulous wedding weekend? So many details! As you can see, I was working on the wedding when I met Sonja at Il Postino for lunch. Sonja is happy for us and although she’ll be out of town for our wedding, she wishes us all the best. At least someone is happy for us!”

Luann ponders whether Ramona Singer might be a wee bit jealous that Lu landed a true love and is getting her happily ever after while Ramona is still searching. She writes, “Ramona giving dating advice to Tinsley is hysterical! From steakhouses to eye contact, Ramona believes she knows the secret to meeting good men so why she continues to disparage my relationship by gossiping, I don’t understand. She’s dating to find someone special and now that I’ve done just that, she might be a bit jealous?”

She doesn’t give too many effs about her ‘friend’ Barbara’s snide comments. “Another “friend” of mine, Barbara K. was caught on tape spreading rumors that I was having second thoughts about marrying Tom…after she RSVP’d “yes” to my wedding! I never would have invited her had I known how she really felt about Tom and me. #GirlCode? You can tell by the smile on my face that I’ve got nothing to prove and everything to look forward to.”

The former countess ends her blog with, “Until next week, with friends like these, who needs enemies?”

Tonight is an all new episode of The Real Housewives of New York City and we’re once again focused on Luann’s pending nuptials. The ladies head back to the Berkshires! (Wasn’t last season’s trip enough?!) Dorinda Medley asks Luann if she’s absolutely certain that she wants to marry Tom. Sonja Morgan loses it when Tinsley Mortimer asks a simple favor and says she feels like Tinsley is taking advantage of her kindness and her assistant. And all because Tinsley just needed someone to answer the door and receive a package! Seriously. Tune in at 9/8 CST!


Photo Credit: Bravo TV

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