Phaedra Parks’ Divorce Is “Disheartening” And Basically Back To Square One; Phaedra Opens Up About Life After Apollo

Phaedra Parks‘ divorce from Apollo Nida is far from over, but her love for him sure got a proper Phuneral By Phaedra. With her Real Housewives Of Atlanta career also dead, Phaedra is moving on and opening up about her complicated divorce process and being a single mom.

Of course, just when Phaedra is emotionally done with all things Apollo, she’s forced to confront him again in court with a re-divorce. “[The divorce] was finalized last year in July so of course that obviously made me assume I had regained my independence and a new start,” she admits. “So to be placed back into a position where I have to do it all over again … it’s disheartening, but it’s a process and I can’t obviously change it.”


Phaedra has “made some motions” to contest Apollo’s claim that he was blindsided by the divorce filing and his recent request to have their prenup considered invalid because it was signed before Phaedra was earning a Real Housewives paycheck.

Phaedra denies that Apollo was ever “out of the loop,” insisting, “He was very active throughout the process.”

I believe the only reason Apollo is fighting for more money is because he owes more than $2 million in restitution, but considering the he’s not contributing any child support while locked up, you would think he’d be gracious about the whole thing. This seems to have been his plan all along. Lie down with criminals, wake up conned I suppose!

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Being “basically at the beginning part of the divorce” again is “very frustrating” for Phaedra. “It’s very expensive, it’s very emotionally draining and quite time consuming. It’s a very difficult process and it’s unfortunate that it was overturned but it is what it is and so I’ll go through the process again and we’ll see what happens this time.”

Phaedra adds, “Hopefully it won’t take as long as it did the first time.”

In other Apollo news, recently he’s been out of contact with their sons because he’s reportedly in solitary confinement. Perhaps he’s saving those phone calls for his new fiancé Sherien Almufti?! Ayden and Dylan’s relationship with Apollo has certainly suffered from his incarceration. Phaedra reminds us that Dylan “was barely a year old” when Apollo went asunder “so he doesn’t really have the recollection of Apollo like Ayden has.”

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Ayden of course has very fond memories of his father,” Phaedra tells Us Weekly. “He realizes that he’s in New Jersey, but as far as specifically, Apollo told them, but I don’t think they appreciate really what being incarcerated means. Because they are at such a tender age, that’s not something I’m really honing in on.”

Phaedra is considering bringing the boys to visit Apollo this summer but hasn’t committed.

For sure, though, Phaedra is returning to Flint, MI, for another year of her summer camp, but this time she’s taking the boys with her instead of Kenya. They’re also taking trips to Florida; Utah, to see some national parks; Arizona, for the Grand Canyon; and Italy for a week. Oh… how the other half lives… the Real Housewife half that is!


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