Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks Justifies Bringing Divorce Papers To The Reunion; Plays Coy About Possible Shemar Moore Romance

I never know what to believe when it comes to Phaedra Parks. Pretty much everything with Phaedra is unclear. She’s divorced/not divorced from Apollo Nida. She’s best friends with Porsha Williams, but let her take the blame for the Shamea Morton and Kandi Burruss hookup rumors, which persisted all season long.

The contradiction that is Phaedra makes for interesting, albeit frustrating TV. I heard that Phaedra had an extremely tough time at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, but I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary so far. My expectations are unreasonably high, but I am waiting for some major truth bombs to be unleashed, or at the very least, some lies to be exposed. I am so ready for parts three and four.


Although my hopes are sky high for the second half of reunion shows, the first two were pretty blah in terms of Phaedra content. There was that random speculation that she was dating Shemar Moore who she met while they were both on Watch What Happens Live. Once again, I have no idea what to buy. She didn’t really answer the question, but then again it wasn’t really a hard-hitting query. I thought it was just a fun joke in all honesty. I guess I might have been wrong though since it did come up at the reunion.

Still, Phaedra makes a point to clarify the situation in her Bravo blog. She declared, “Andy [Cohen] has not hooked me up on a date yet, but introducing me to Shemar Moore was more than enough!”

What does that mean though!? Is she just talking about the fun time they had filming the episode or did they hang out after that? I’m getting way ahead of myself here, but it would be so hilarious if these two got married because Phaedra Moore and Kenya Moore being on the same show just invites shady jokes. But anyway, I need further clarification, Phaedra. Then again, this is the last thing Phaedra would want to elaborate on while she’s in the middle of a nasty divorce.

The one thing Phaedra went out of her way to verify was her divorce documents. She explained, “Because everyone in this clique is so concerned with ‘receipts’ and thinks they are so versed in divorce law. As a licensed attorney I wanted to make sure I came prepared with documents to back up the facts. I wanted to set the record straight and make sure everyone was aware that documentation was available to confirm my statements.”

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But is that documentation legit though? I hate that I’m questioning an attorney about legal documents, but at this point, I feel like I have to. Phaedra and Apollo have been declared “divorced” and “not divorced” so many times within the past that it’s hard to keep track. I feel like I need receipts to verify the receipts. Are those actually divorce papers or are they “divorce papers”?

Even with all that, Phaedra had a pretty easy time at the reunion so far. This is especially true in comparison to Sheree Whitfield, who couldn’t help crying when the topic of conversation turned to her abusive relationship with Bob Whitfield. Phaedra was feeling for Sheree. She admitted, “It was hard to hear Sheree speak about the abusive nature of her relationship with Bob. I have known them both for almost 20 years, and it was heartbreaking to hear and see Sheree in pain.”

Phaedra concluded, “You never want to see anyone hurting like that, and it was tough to re-watch and re-live those moments in Maui.”

Poor Sheree, but I’m sure Phaedra was just happy to have the negative glare of the spotlight pointing in another direction. I don’t think that’s going to be the case during parts three and four of reunion. Word on the street is that things get way out of hand. By “word on the street,” I mean gossip I read on Twitter, so who even knows if it’s true? I’m ready to find out though. Is it reunion time yet?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]