Southern Charm seems to be returning to its roots without the past season’s bitter drama between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis. On last night’s episode, the once tumultuous couple saw each other for the first time in nearly a year after a tentative turn as pen pals. Of course, we’ll see how long it lasts as T-Rav tries to forge a romantic relationship with Landon Clements

Last night’s episode begins in Hampton Park where Thomas is hosting  Saint’s first birthday, complete with a kitten and bunny petting zoo. As the crew preps for the celebration, Landon calls to regret. She’s not quite ready to play house yet. En route to the shindig, Liz is riding co-pilot with an anxious Kathryn as husband JD shuttles their brood. Also carpooling are Patricia Altschul and Cameran Eubanks who comment on just how embarrassing it must be to for Kathryn to be a guest at her own son’s birthday. So kind, and not at all condescending, for sure. Kathryn arrives and shares a robotic hug with T-Rav before hugging her precious babies. The pair awkwardly make small talk about their correspondence and card stock. Danni shows up (where has she been?) with JD and his kids following behind. Cameran embraces Kathryn while Pat heads in the opposite direction, navigating the goose poop in her Louboutins. As the rest of the crowd trickles in, Kathryn passes right by Jennifer Snowden and her baby. Come on, Kathryn. Show some of that forgiveness you’ve been vying for with your peers.



Just as Kathryn is avoiding Jennifer, Pat is keeping her distance from Kathryn. As Saint pummels into his smash cake, she calls Butler Michael to fetch her car. Kathryn assists Saint in unwrapping his loot and gifts Thomas with a framed photograph of their son’s birth day. As the newly reconciled(ish) family poses for a picture, their friends commend the duo for getting along so well…while crossing their fingers this encounter doesn’t lead to a party of five. Thomas cites he’ll always love the mother of his children, but he’s not prepared for anything but co-parenting in their future. Hey, it’s the first party attended by these two that hasn’t ending in screeching and mink flinging, so the event is a definite win.

The following day, Landon and Jennifer meet for happy hour at rooftop bar watch. The girls sip champagne as Jennifer rehashes the birthday party, stating that while it was uncomfortable, Kathryn was on her best behavior–with everyone else, at least. Landon is less than impressed. Two hours of decent behavior doesn’t make for changed spots. In yet another episode of Landon not knowing her audience, Landon dishes on how Patricia thinks T-Rav would be her perfect suitor…oh, and not because of his money, just to clarify. Jennifer gives great side eye (how good does she look in her talking head, by the way?) as Landon drones on about her dinner date with Thomas and the planted soothsayer at the next table. Soulmates, y’all! Of course, Landon isn’t prepared to step into a situation that includes Kathryn in any way, shape, or form, but Jennifer interrupts her. Jennifer prods that perhaps T-Rav is Landon’s missing piece. Landon doesn’t want to look back and regret not giving it a go with Thomas. Wait, what? Landon pauses…Jennifer knows Thomas so well, and if she is giving her blessing, what does Landon have to lose? It takes me a hot second to realize that Jennifer probably isn’t too keen on this pairing, but if it means getting back at Kathryn, she’ll take it!

Across town, Patricia is schooling Landon’s suitor over afternoon whiskey sours. She touts the birthday party as a fine event and comments on how civilized Kathryn and Thomas’ interaction was. Thomas reveals that when the party drew to a close, Kathryn had to slip Saint’s bottle in T-Rav’s pocket because his hands were full. He joked that she wasn’t going to get pregnant. Ms. Pat doesn’t want to hear about Thomas’ flirtations with his ex, she needs him to make an effort with Landon. He needs to forget about the bar scene and channel his inner old fashioned gentleman. After he gushes over how perfect Landon would be for him (despite her mixed messages), Patricia suggests he take her on a walk to discuss his intentions. He needs to take a wife. Thomas concurs. He’s ready to get his stroll on with Landon.


Visiting her therapist, Cameran is reconsidering her stance on motherhood. After the psychic at Patricia’s dinner party, Cameran wonders if she’s postponing her greatest role…motherhood. She recognizes that she is pretty self-involved, and she breaks down in tears when she thinks she is depriving a child the chance of having her husband as a father. She knows he would be the best dad, and he is beyond ready. Her therapist asserts that Cameran has made her decision, and Cameran agrees, lamenting she’s going to get fat.

Austen Kroll is trying really hard to Chelsea’s type, so he’s up for a crabbing tutorial in the marsh. Chicken necks and puppy love are in the air even if the crabs aren’t cooperating. Chelsea is disappointed that they didn’t catch their dinner, but she’ll settle for the Chick-fil-A drive-thru on the way home. Denim shorts and waffle fries? Austen is completely smitten. Meanwhile, Landon’s business partner calls to see what is new on the Roam horizon. Landon rattles off a list of potential new names (Orbit, anyone? Surely that’s not trademarked!), her partner “ums” and “ahh, but”s until she’s met with the sweet relief of Landon getting distracted by T-Rav’s visit. Bu-bye!

Thomas suggests they take Charlotte for a walk while Landon whines that the house she is renting is for sale. Thomas suggests she buy it, but she doesn’t have a million dollars laying around…at least not yet. Thomas offers a private loan which is met with Landon’s signature squealing giggle. The pair makes their way to Colonial Lake where Landon confesses she enjoys spending time with Thomas. She is happy to have someone who wants to walk Charlotte with her. How soon she forgets, right? Can we pour a little out for boy toy Drew? Gone but not forgotten (by the viewers, at least). Thomas lays on the charm, and Landon decides it’s high time to stop punishing Thomas for Kathryn. She’s ready to go with the flow…and if the wine is flowing, she’s going wherever Thomas plans to take her.

Craig Conover has a surprise for Naomie Olindo, but first a few McDonald’s meal deals, a discussion of Gizmo’s mortality (NOOO!), and a Shep Rose/Austen comparison. Craig really likes the new guy. He’s much nicer than Shep. Naomie disagrees. Shep is super kind–just not to Craig! The pair arrives at Craig’s investment property, and Naomie seems genuinely excited for Craig’s new endeavor while perusing walk-in closets with Cameran. Craig is proud of his adulting skills. As the trio recap Saint’s party, Cameran announces she’d like to plan a trip for her upcoming birthday. She feels like the group is finally in a place where everyone is getting along. Perhaps even Kathryn and Landon can travel together without incident. Not so fast! Naomie reveals that Landon called her to share the news of her walk to remember. Apparently, according to Landon, Thomas surprised her at her home with a bouquet of flowers and admissions of true love. Oh, did that edit not make the episode? Cameran is gobsmacked. Can’t these two find other worthy partners in this fair city?

Speaking of unannounced suitors, Shep drops by Chelsea’s house. He was just in the neighborhood. As he pops open a beer, Shep announces a total shift in his lifestyle. He’s moving to the beach and curbing his partying. Chelsea cites that a frat house is still a frat house regardless of the location. When he prods her about Austen, Chelsea plays the casual card. She’s not seeing anyone else, but as soon as Austen starts checking up on her, she’s heading for the hills. A beer drinking girl that is completely non-committal? Shep can’t believe he lost this unicorn. As he pours tequila down the hatch, he questions why he ghosted after their shared smooch. Shep needs to drink away his sorrows after this revelation.


The next morning, Cameran waits for Shep at the beach listing for far longer than she should, all the while blowing up his voicemail. Recognizing he’s either passed out or in jail, Cameran heads back downtown in search of the unicorn loser. A quick call to Chelsea reveals that after his impromptu wine night with her, Shep ubered downtown to go out with her cousins. So much for that lifestyle change! Arriving at his unlocked downtown abode way past noon, Cameran wanders through the party wasteland that is Shep’s house. She finds him fully dressed in bed, and he recounts a party just like every other night. This is why he needs to move–he has no self control! Cameran cites her concern with his behavior, and he can only agree with her.


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