Luann D'Agostino

Say what you will about The Real Housewives Of New York, but these women (well, most of them) know how to bounce back from an argument within the time it takes to go from a main course to dessert. And Luann D’Agostino was a prime example of this whiplash-like behavior in Vermont, where the drama reached a crescendo at dinner and the sex talk reached new levels of raunch.

In her blog, Luann explains why she’s always got Dorinda Medley’s back, no matter how much they bicker, and why she is hopeful that Sonja Morgan will tone it down about her marriage – eventually.

Luann also has some choice words about Ramona Singer’s cringeworthy flirting with Tim, her hapless prisoner ski instructor. She begins, “In Stratton, Vermont, the girls’ math was as fuzzy as their boots! From the length of John’s “squash” to Ramona claiming she’s in the forty-something age group, things get longer and younger the more Titos consumed.”

“As for Sonja’s transition to accepting Tom [D’Agostino] and me as a married couple,” continues Luann, “I think not blurting out whatever comes to her mind would be a good start. That way, we could be around her without worrying that she’s going to say something embarrassing. I love Sonja, but there’s a major disconnect and lack of respect when it comes to my marriage.”

But Sonja just wants the world to accept her for HER! Which is like asking the world to accept the knowledge that aliens exist without any hard evidence to back it up. But providing rational logic is not Lady Morgan’s strong suit, so – whatevs!

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The skiing in Vermont was apparently acceptable, despite it being “East Coast Skiing” – something akin to torture, according to Ramona. But Luann praises the skiing – and the long suffering ski instructor’s patience – in her blog: “The conditions at Stratton that day were dynamite! The snow was perfect for New England—no ice! I felt for Ramona’s ski instructor, especially when she sent him off for drinks. He was a true gentleman in spite of Ramona’s overbearing rudeness and flirtatiousness.”

But things took an even wilder turn at dinner when Carole Radziwill introduced the topic of anal sex at the table. “The dinner was fabulous, even though our game of Truth or Dare veered off into the realm of TMI! Anal sex talk at the table… really? Someone needs to tell Ramona that oral sex is actually sex!”

Luann does understand how her comments about being married rubbed some of the women the wrong way, namely Dorinda, but defends, “I meant it when I said that I feel lucky to be married. Dating can be fun, but it also can be exhausting. Maybe saying that to a table of tipsy single women wasn’t the best idea? Now I got the memo! I didn’t want to get in an argument with Dorinda, and I agree that we are all trying to lead a happy life regardless of our marital statuses. I believe that it’s alright to argue with friends as long as you make up and move on as Dorinda and I did. That’s what good friendships are made of!”

Also, you can’t really argue with someone who’s got food on their face, right? Trying to school Dorinda while she’s on a world class slur-tastic tirade is like trying to hide from a tsunami with a travel umbrella perched over your head. That sh*t’s coming straight at you, and you just have to close your eyes and hope to live through it! (Just ask Sonja.)

Ah, well. There’s always more chances to see Dorinda go gangsta in Mexico, right? Luann writes, “Bethenny [Frankel] is planning a trip to Mexico, which should be interesting! I can’t go the first day, and I got stuck with the task of bringing Ramona with me if Bethenny actually invites her to go. I know Ramona doesn’t want to be left out of the fun, which I can totally understand. I hate to travel alone, and I’m happy to have a companion on the way down, even if it is Ramona!”

Poor Lu. Stuck with Ramona on planes, in customs, in baggage claim, in the bathroom holding her hair back after too much Pinot. What did she do to deserve a fate such at this?!?

Yet Luann remains upbeat, joking, “Until next week, remember the best ships are friendships…sometimes.”


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