Ever since Dorinda Medley’s “CLIP!” moment, The Real Housewives Of New York housewife has been keeping it mum on the blogs. But she’s back this week to rehash her Bronx beatdown of Sonja Morgan and to translate what exactly she was trying to drunkenly say at the ladies’ Vermont dinner. In a nutshell: Dorinda thinks Sonja is certifiably cuckoo and that Luann D’Agostino is sometimes a blow hard, albeit a harmless one that should just be given a break, already.

First, Dorinda comments on the new “Bloop!” in town – aka, Clip. She jokes, “Clip Clip Clip! I have no idea where that comes from, I just couldn’t figure out a away to stop Sonja from saying more lies! I had no idea it would replace STFU and be used worldwide! Thank you everyone for your messages showing me your ‘Clip Clip Clip’ moments.”

In response to the Sonja’s accusation that she wanted to be part of Tipsy Girl from the beginning, Dorinda defends, “I am so sick of Sonja accusing me of wanting to be part of the Tipsy Girl Brand! Let me set the record straight AGAIN. Yes I was approached to be part of the Tipsy Girl Brand. I was actually approached several times and was practically begged to be part of it. I have never and will never be part of that brand. It is not that I don’t think it is a good, viable brand, it’s that it is too messy, and I don’t want anything to do with it. Between both Ramona [Singer] and Sonja’s involvement, I think it’s enough to stay away from. I wish the brand well, I just am not interested in being involved with a brand called Tipsy Girl. Period DONE!”

Well, okay then. Got it. CLIIIIIIIIIP!!!

Moving on to the drama in Vermont, Dorinda breaks down what she now calls a little “debate” with Luann over her incessant, annoying talk about marriage. In her blog, Dorinda reflects, “I felt very bad Luann and I got into a bit of a debate—let’s not say fight. I think I was just frustrated and felt that she was kind of taking away from others’ and my own relationships by always talking about hers. I also wanted her to defend our friendship to Sonja who constantly is trying to portray Lu and I as acquaintances and not good friends. I consider Lu a very close friend—for God sakes I was in her wedding! It was wrong of me, though, and I should should have said nothing. I know she’s happy and wants the girls to understand how happy she is. It is her honeymoon period, and I should be more sensitive.”

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Dorinda also explains why she reacted so strongly to the conversation about anal sex – and does a bit of backtracking, for good measure. She explains, “As far as the rest of the conversation went, I don’t like talking about sex period, especially at the dinner table. I think all sex in a consensual, loving situation is good sex. The good news is we all make our own choices and that is a good thing, right?”

But the real question everyone had for Dorinda about last week’s episode what why, OH WHY, did she cave and give up her room for rabid Ramona and senile Sonja?!?!?!? Dorinda offers her reasoning: “Yes, I gave up my room again. Why, you may ask? Well I knew Sonja and Ramona would not let it go and quite frankly it’s not that important to me to ruin the whole weekend. Listen, I go to bed, lay my head down, and go to sleep. It doesn’t really matter since we were only there a few days. They can now frolic, do each other’s hair and do their thing! It was far more important to them than to me, so I just gave in.”

Of course, Ramona and Sonja’s behavior in Vermont is just a taste of the terrible manners to come in Mexico! Dorinda verifies that “the interesting and disturbing thing is you’ll see this behavior of ‘chasing for a room’ continue in Mexico, and that is when I put my foot down. Enough with the Frick and Frack routine.” Oh lord.


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