Is Luann D’Agostino’s Marriage To Tom In Trouble Already?

At this point, Tom D’Agostino needs to be holding up an apple in the opening credits on Real Housewives of New York. When Luann de Lesseps said, “Please don’t let it be about Tom” it was more than just a great quote for gifs and merchandise, it was a prolific statement. RHONY has turned into the Tom show so it really isn’t surprising that there are reports their marriage may be in trouble.

They got engaged after WEEKS of dating after he already “dated” two of her Real Housewives costars. That’s not exactly a solid start to a relationship.

According to a report from Page Six, the marriage is “struggling after just seven months.” It can also be argued that the relationship has been “struggling” all along thanks to the constant scrutiny and scandal, but the two of them never seemed to care. The article also says that “the pair even got into a physical confrontation last week” where Luann supposed slapped Tom “in a fancy Manhattan restaurant.” If Luann slapped Tom in public, I feel like that would have made the rounds with photo/video documentation on social media.

But anyway, the same article says that the duo “have broken up and gotten back together a number of times,” which is the exact opposite of what they’re trying to project in front of the RHONY cameras. A “source” also says, “There has been friction from the start. They got married so fast, they didn’t really know each other.” No kidding. Anyone with eyes could verify that they barely knew each other when they got married.

Some “source” also claims, “He hates the whole reality [TV] thing, he doesn’t want the attention or the scrutiny.” Really? A man who has “dated” three reality TV stars on the same show wants nothing to do with reality TV? Sure… That’s the main issue here…

In contrast, Luann told People, “Tom and I are in love, and marriage takes work. We are working on this together.” Well, yeah. It’s clear that Luann will do anything she can to prove the haters wrong about this marriage. A source “close to Housewives” told People “This was going on before the wedding, and she was too embarrassed to call it off, so she tuned out what a lot of people were saying.” Again, this is not new information for anyone remotely familiar with this couple. Still, the same source continued, She had confided in friends that she knew something was up and that it didn’t gel — but she had to put on a good face to avoid embarrassment. Everyone gave it six months.” It’s only a matter of minutes before Lu posts a lovey dovey photo with her and Tom to prove that they’re #RelationshipGoals and squash these “rumors.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]