Luann de Lesseps Defends Her Marriage & Discusses A Possible Duet With Erika Jayne

After a whole year of Real Housewives of New York focused around Tom D’Agostino and his shadiness, I thought this was behind us, but it’s pretty clear that the new husband of Luann de Lesseps is going to be a popular topic of conversation this year as well.

As her friend in my head, I wanted to warn Luann about Tom’s antics plenty of times, but she doesn’t seem to care and they’re already married- so what’s the purpose of belaboring this topic? Luann is all about this marriage and she is going to do whatever she can to sell this marriage and let us all know how happy she is.


I get why Luann would want to defend her relationship, but I feel like if she talked about it less (maybe) everyone else would follow suit? Or maybe that’s just naive of me. Who knows. But anyway, Luann continued on her publicity tour for her marriage Real Housewives of New York and did an interview with Fox News.

The former countess maintained, “Things are solid.” She insisted, “We’ve been through a lot and we made it to the other side, and we’re strong from it…” I wish we could just leave it at that. We all have our opinions on this relationship, but Luann doesn’t give a single f**k about them. She is just going to do what/who she wants.

When asked about Ramona, Luann declared, “She’s obsessed with my love life. Get your own love life. Stay out of my love life if it’s not going to better my life. I don’t go after about the men she’s dating or about her past or divorce… So I feel like she should stay out of my business. I’m a grown woman, I make my own decisions. I’m secured and confident in my decision and in my relationship. That should be enough. And as a friend, she should respect that.” Ramona shares pretty much nothing about her love life on the show. All she does is brag about going on “hot lunch dates,” but she never shares any names. If she wants to keep her privacy, I feel like she should stop coming for Luann or Luann is going to come right back at her.

The same article also points out that “she hasn’t confronted Tom about his reported wandering eye because Ramona’s claims are too outlandish to be taken seriously.” Really though? Even after his make out session at the Regency?

Speaking of that infamous night at the Regency, Luann said, “I knew that it didn’t mean anything to him and that he still loves me.” She continued, “If you can’t forgive the people that you love, how can you move forward? I decided to move forward and it’s made us stronger as a couple.” I guess we will see.

Luann also denies Ramona’s claims that she and Tom have an open marriage. Luann said, “We’re very happy and that’s not true. I know my truth. Ramona can talk all she wants, but it doesn’t make it real… I’m a woman who knows what I want and I’m a pretty good judge of character.” I don’t know about that last part, but again, I guess we shall see.

Unless Tom makes another mistake, I want people to stop talking about him. I just don’t care anymore. I miss the old days when Luann was recording her hilarious songs. Can we please get Luann back in the recording studio and turn up the auto tune? That’s what the fandom needs from Luann at this point.

Maybe there’s hope for that since Luann said, “Everyone keeps saying, ‘You should do a song with Erika Jayne!’” This NEEDS to happen. I would love to see Luann rocking a catsuit alongside Erika Girardi’s alter ego. Luann added, “I only met her once so I don’t really know her that well. But we’ll see, you never know. I’m a newlywed, so I’m focused on my marriage right now. But it is possible that I could do another dance song soon.” Can’t she be a newlywed and record a song with Erika?

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]