Shannon argues with LYdia over Vicki

Lydia McLaughlin came boomeranging back into The Real Housewives Of Orange County’s desert of lies, ready to strike! Lunching with Vicki Gunvalson, calling out Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge on their hypocrisy, and throwing glitter on everyone in her wake, Lydia is kind of like a superhero villain – on helium.

Tamra claims she thought Lydia and Shannon would get along great, though. That is, before Lydia mentioned Shannon had some similarities in the pettiness department with Vicki. Before she breaks down the drama that happened at her granddaughter, Ava’s, first birthday party, Tamra previews that “I officially meet Peggy [Sulahain] next Monday. You DO NOT want to miss it!”

“I loved seeing Kelly Dodd and Michael working out together, looks like a positive step to working on their relationship,” continues Tamra, who then immediately launches into her reasons for cutting ties with Briana Culberson next. (Are you getting whiplash yet?)

Tamra dissects the Briana awkwardness in her blog: “Let’s get one thing straight, I love Briana. When things got bad with Vicki last year she asked me NOT to communicate with Briana. I took her off my Facebook for two reasons: I didn’t want to be disrespectful, and I didn’t want to see Vicki’s face pop up on my news feed. Briana and I have always gotten along and I think she is a wonderful person. In the past we were only trying to protect Vicki from Brooks [Ayers]. I was never and would never try to put a wedge between and mother and daughter. Not sure how us trying to protect her is crossing the line.”

So, does Tamra not expect Vicki’s face to “pop up” in scenes they’re paid to appear in together???? I mean, Vicki took over Tamra’s granddaughter’s birthday party already – and she wasn’t even physically present!

Also, Vicki apparently annoyed Tamra’s delicate Feng Shui sensibilities when she shaded Shannon’s insane obsession with lemons and relationship corners. Tamra also took offense to Vicki dogging Cut Fitness: “Listening to Vicki talk badly about Shannon’s Feng Shui lady made me sick. I’m not surprised though, she criticized my business last week. Yet she raved about the her [sic] in the past, and she is even quoted on her website. Just another example of how she loves to make things up to make others look bad. I convinced that people that talk badly about others just don’t have anything good about themselves to talk about.”

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Although she was thrilled with how Ava’s birthday party turned out (for the children), Tamra explains how the adults basically ruined everything. She naively reflects, “I was so excited that Shannon was going to meet Lydia. I thought for sure that they would get along. I had briefly told Lydia how Vicki was spreading rumors about David and Eddie at Bible study. I felt like she would have known NOT to bring up Vicki’s name.”

But even though Tamra told Lydia “several times that we did NOT want to talk about Vicki and we don’t care what she had to say,” Lydia merrily continued to fulfill her contractual obligations to start drama.

“It went down hill from there. It looked like Shannon just got upset for NO reason and that simply was not the case. When Shannon started defending the allegations about David, that is when Lydia said ‘I feel like you’re just like Vicki.’ That was probably the worst thing she could have said to Shannon. I felt like I just stood there in shock and the right words would not come out of my mouth. I didn’t want to make a big scene at my granddaughter’s birthday party. I wanted these two to get along.”

Next week, Shannon takes her hissy fit tour from children’s birthday parties to upscale restaurants! Tamra previews, “See you next week and the NOT SO Quiet Woman…Yikes.”


Photo Credit: Bravo