Kelly fights with Michael

Two episodes into Season 12 of Real Housewives of Orange County and I’m just waiting for Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador to come face to face. I get my wish on next week’s episode during an explosive fight at a restaurant, but I still have a couple days until I get to watch the drama go down.

Even though Kelly hasn’t seen or talked to Shannon so far this season, she still has plenty of opinions on Shannon’s Feng Shui and her fight with Lydia McLaughlin at Tamra Judge’s granddaughter’s birthday party.

Kelly had a lot to say about Shannon in her Bravo blog post. Kelly said, “First, I want to share my thoughts on Shannon’s affinity for the Asian mystical arts and her efforts to purify her life. Whether it’s cupping to remove toxins, crystals for positive energy, purified air, organic foods, or Feng Shui (for promoting a harmonious life), nothing seems to work. Nine lemons in a bowl? Isn’t the number eight lucky in Chinese numerology? Not nine. Didn’t the Beijing Olympics start on 8/8/8? Despite her best efforts, Asian mysticism seems to be backfiring. Could it be Karma?” Yeah those lemons don’t really seem to be doing much for Shannon, but if they are working I couldn’t imagine how things would be going without them. I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Then Kelly got to the major conflict of the episode: Shannon vs. Lydia at a baby’s birthday party of all places. Kelly declared, “Shannon sometimes takes offense where no offense is intended. I don’t believe Lydia meant any harm when discussing Tamra and Shannon’s relationship with Vicki [Gunvalson].” Even if Lydia didn’t mean any harm, she clearly has zero social tact since she brought up someone’s known enemy within five minutes of meeting her. No matter what her intentions were, it was not the best social move.

Kelly continued, “Shannon interpreted Lydia’s comments in the worst way. It’s unfortunate that Shannon and Lydia got off to such a rocky start.”

The only thing Kelly did in this last episode was work out with her husband Michael Dodd. On one hand, it was cute that they made the time to do this three times a week together. On the other, Kelly’s jokes at his expense might not have come across in the best light. Obviously she was kidding, but Kelly is very polarizing, so I’m sure she got a lot of hate on social media for calling her husband fat.

Kelly wrote, “Speaking of rocky, my relationship with Michael is complicated, to say the least. It’s sufficient to say that we have been through a lot. We are two very different people. We are proof opposites attract. At times our personalities compliment each other, but at other times we can be oil and water. Having said that, one thing we have in common is a love of working out. We have worked out together since we first got together.” In regard to that fat joke, Kelly admitted, “However, I do regret calling Michael fat, because I couldn’t push the sled far with him on it. I was joking of course. Anyone can see Michael is in great shape. Michael gets my jokes.”

In the trailer for the season, Kelly screams “You want to throw a bomb, I’m going to throw a nuke” at new girl Peggy Sulahian, so it’s surprising that Kelly included “Welcome to Peggy Sulahian as the 100th Housewife” in her blog post. Still she teased, “You can expect the Armenian beauty to add a lot of bling and spice to the mix.” Clearly.

For now, I’m just counting down until Kelly and Shannon’s restaurant stand off. Kelly teased, “Yikes, that teaser for next week’s show was intense. Watching Shannon curse me out makes me question whether she forgot all those etiquette classes she took as a cotillion :-)”

[Photo Credit: Bravo]
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