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Kelly Dodd is back, but she’s not the same shrieking harridan she was the last time around. She’s got new boobs, a rejuvenated vagina, and a whole new attitude. This season, Kelly crowns Shannon Beador as the super crazy one. Who didn’t see that coming?! In addition to giving the details on Shannon, Kelly also reveals some juicy gossip about Heather Dubrow.

Starting with Shannon, she was so bonkers, the Real Housewives Of Orange County star flings a plate full of steak at Kelly. HA! “You’re on that Shannon roller coaster,” Kelly reveals. “We get into it and a steak goes flying. She slams a plate down. And they said that it was the loudest thing ever. So, yeah, [Shannon] loses her s–t and there is no going back from it.”

Well, Shannon has animosity over steak – after all David prefers it to quinoa

Despite her issues with Shannon (and everyone else), Kelly says we can expect her softer side after last season, when she “went off the rails.” This time around, Kelly refined her mouth, “I didn’t want to repeat last year. I tried to think before I spoke. I think this season you’ll see… my normal side.”

In fact, this season is more relaxed in general, instead of “dark and explosive.” There is more focus on family, instead of just straight drama. Although there is plenty of that of course, and lots of it involving Kelly of course! “It’s much more lighter. It’s fun; there’s a lot of laughter.”

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Kelly describes new girl Peggy Sulahian as a “frenemy” – they do not mesh.  Although Kelly admits Peggy “comes from a good place,” they just couldn’t get along. “She pushes me over the rails and just not me. She knows how to snap back and push your buttons, and I snapped.”

“I tried to be nice to [Peggy],” Kelly continues. “There’s just no ‘there’ there. It’s hard to talk to her. She says things and you’re like, ‘What the heck are you talking about?'” Wait – that sounds like Kelly last season actually.

So who did Kelly manage to get along with other than Vicki? Lydia McLaughlin. “Lydia is just a gem. And she’s genuine. She sees my point of view, and she sticks up for me a lot.” Honestly who could hate Lydia, though?! Oh wait… Shannon could.

As for the feud between Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon, it’s still very much alive, but Kelly believes forgiveness is a possible. “We all end up getting along. It wasn’t as ugly. I just know that Tamra and Shannon have a big, huge problem with Vicki and it’s real,” she shares with E! News. “It’s real life. And it’s what people go through as friends – it’s about forgiveness and trying to move on, and I think that’s what we do.”

So, Kelly really popped the cork when she went IN on Heather Dubrow leaving the show. Kelly, for one, has been relieved and loved the change. “It made it enjoyable! And it made it enjoyable for everybody else too. It felt like everybody was scared of her. She was the puppet master and everybody did what she wanted them to do.”

As for why Heather left, Kelly claims there’s more to it than Heather choosing to pursue other opportunities. “I don’t know if it’s true or not. I heard that she got a friend role, and she didn’t like it, so she quit. ” And Kelly’s sources? “This was from the girls on the show. They told me. It may just be rumors, but that’s what they said. I think that’s why they’re not friends with her anymore.” Well that is some damning tea! Rancid champs left uncorked!

As for Kelly, she’s ready for viewers to see the new her. “I’m a masochist,” she laughs. “I am loving this season. I came in thinking I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy. I don’t want to be portrayed as being dark. I saw myself and I just wanted to change. I want people to see the real me.”

‘The New Kelly‘ includes major physical changes with a breast reduction and vaginal rejuvenation. “I wasn’t happy with my boobs,” she explains. “They were so large and in charge.”

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Kelly chose to do the surgeries on camera to help promote the necessity of ‘over-40 maintenance.’ Cause that’s a theme the Housewives have never ever done before! “In your forties you can either decide to be like a mom and be frumpy and dumpy, or you can choose to, like, look good. If you feel like you wanna get in the game, you have to maintain yourself.” And we all have this choice according to Over 40 Guru Kelly. So, uh, thanks for that illuminating advice.

It was also Kelly’s goal to erase the stigma that peeing your pants is embarrassing by having the vaginal rejuvenation done on the show. I mean, we all pee ourselves occasionally, right?!  Especially if we’ve had kids! “I know it’s gross! And that’s why a lot of women don’t talk about it,” she informs ET Online, “but it’s the reality and you can do something about it.” Guess what Lisa Rinna – you can live a life without Depends if you want to!


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