Hannah Ferrier Is Shocked The Crew Read Her Texts With Charter Guest Jason; Reveals Who She’s In Touch With When The Show Is Not Filming

This has definitely been a frustrating charter season for Below Deck Mediterranean star Hannah Ferrier. She had tension with pretty much everyone on the boat except for Lauren Cohen– and then there’s that whole hookup with a charter guest and what I’ve started to call iPad-gate.

The drama sounds like a lot to handle and then on top of that she actually has a job to do which seems like a whole lot of work.

Hannah talked to Kate Casey about her experiences in an interview for the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast. Whenever I watch this show, I’m always surprised by how many people “just got into yachting” yet here they are working on luxury yacht for demanding guests in front of the reality TV cameras. It just seems like a lot for anyone’s first experience at a new career.

Hannah said, “On my boat, you have Captain Sandy [Yawn], Wes [Walton], and Bugs [Drake] who had decent yachting experience. Apart from that, everyone was pretty new.” And she admitted, “It does make it very difficult.” But it does provide some drama for the show.

Kate asked Hannah if Adam Glick and Malia White’s relationship prior to the show was a surprise to her. She admitted, “It was definitely news to me. I wasn’t aware of it. I think I wasn’t even aware of it now, during the charter that we’re up to. It was also frustrating because I think I would have been able to understand what was going on with Adam a little bit better if he shared that information with me.” I can’t see Adam sharing details of his personal life with Hannah in between the passive aggressive (and actually aggressive) digs back and forth.

When asked about the crew members looking through her texts with charter guest Jason, Hannah said, “I couldn’t ever imagine doing that myself. So I think what you saw when they approached me on the bow, I was kind of just in shock.” She also said, “I cannot imagine for ten hours sitting and reading anyone- especially my boss’s- messages.” Ten hours? Who has the time for that? Those must have been some seriously interesting messages…

Kate asked about the difference between yachting in real life vs. reality TV, Hannah said, “I definitely think it’s two different worlds. At the end of the day, how would you know on normal boats if someone was kissing the charter guests because there’s no cameras or iPads to bust them.” And on reality TV, she says,  “You’re probably not discouraged to do things that are controversial.”

It’s clear that Hannah did not get along with a lot of people on the boat this season. Still, she did reveal that she does keep in touch with some people. She shared, “From Season 1, I’m very, very close with Tiffany [Copeland] and Julia [d’Albert Pusey]. We fly across countries to see each other and we’re very, very right friends. Chef Ben [Robinson], maybe a message every few months. From Season 2 is Adam and Lauren.” Wait. What? Adam? Lauren I expected, but Adam? Maybe things turn around for them as the season progresses?

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On tonight’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, the fallout from Malia’s new position continues. Malia tells Bobby off after he starts nitpicking her every move, clearly still feeling jilted about being passed over for the promotion. Malia informs him that he can’t be a leader by acting like a dick. I’m sure this will go over well. Join us in the comments for our virtual viewing party at 9/8 CST!


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