Peggy Sulahian Defends Pinching Meghan Edmonds' Lips Closed; Says She Was Making Vicki Gunvalson Uncomfortable

Meghan Edmonds Can’t Get Over Kelly Dodd Saying Jim Edmonds Was Having An Affair

Even though Meghan Edmonds had zero interaction with any other cast members for the first three episodes this season, she sure has a lot to say about the ladies now. Obviously she has some strong opinions about the new girl Peggy Sulahian ever since she physically shut her lips to stop her from talking.

She is still mad at Kelly Dodd for accusing her husband Jim Edmonds of having affair in response to Meghan asking Kelly if she was having an affair herself. In my eyes, those were pretty much the same offense, but Meghan feels like Kelly really crossed the line just because Meghan was pregnant when they had the conversation. If someone wants a stress-free pregnancy, I don’t feel like instigating Kelly Dodd is the way to go.

In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Meghan continued to talk about the text message conversation that she started with Kelly and how offended she is. I would also like to point out that this happened off camera before the season even started filming so it’s not like this would have been on the show at all if Meghan herself didn’t bring it up.

How is what Meghan did not just as offensive as what Kelly did? Meghan really thinks that’s the case though since she said,”She likes to use idioms and I don’t think she always gets what they mean.”I’m like I don’t need the stress of dealing with her meanness when I’m pregnant, so I shut it down. So I guess in Kelly’s mind she thought we resolved it, but i just think it’s f***ed up — you don’t do that to somebody. So I just cant get over that.” She “shut it down,” yet she is the one who brought the rumor to the show. Then again, if she didn’t Kelly might have brought it up eventually. After all, she is Kelly Dodd.

Not only is she (still offended) by this exchange of texts, but she is also offended by Kelly accusing Tamra Judge of being the new puppet master and giving Shannon Beador Stockholm Syndrome. Meghan said,  “Sometimes I think Kelly doesn’t understand the word that she uses — like how is Tamra trying to make Shannon do what she wants? I don’t get that. To me I’m just like, really, do you even know what that word means?” No, she probably doesn’t. Kelly is the Jax Taylor of RHOC when it comes to the mixed metaphors and poorly-applied idioms.

Another person who never seems to say the right words (or at the very least pull any joke that isn’t super offensive) is Peggy. From saying her husband “beats her every Friday” to physically shutting Meghan’s lips, this woman is really batting a thousand when it comes to upsetting people. But Meghan doesn’t really seem to care about Peggy at all since she told People, “I really don’t have a relationship with Peggy, I mean, she’s weird. I totally do not connect with her at all.” No one does. Literally no one in this cast had any relationship with Peggy before she joined this show and adding her into the mix is just so random and truthfully not working so far. Maybe she will gel with the cast as the season goes on, but she’s definitely not a hit right out the gate.

Just when I thought that Meghan would have no story line this season, her issues with Peggy are (ironically) provide her with her main story line on the show. She told People that the two of them would “butt heads” again this season and the article also points out Meghan’s “disinterest in [Peggy’s] antics] and quoted Meghan saying, “Everybody feels this way.” If by “everybody” she means the viewers, then yes, I have no interest in Peggy so far…. Nevertheless, I’m giving her a chance.

Aside from talking about current cast members, Meghan had another interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish and discussed her former costar Heather Dubrow who she keeps in touch with “here and there, but it’s like she’s doing her own thing.” And just like everyone else, Meghan hasn’t visited Chateau Dubrow and declared, “No, nobody will.” Unless she gets back on the show.

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