Why John Janssen Might Be Alexis Bellino’s Happily Ever After

Alexis Bellino and John Janssen.
Photo Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Okay, before you guys run to the comments to troll this title, please keep an open mind here about Alexis Bellino and John Janssen. We first met Alexis back in 2009 during the premiere of Season 5. She presented herself as a perfect Christian housewife, which, yes, totally rubbed us the wrong way. But we soon noticed that she wasn’t the one pulling the strings but rather her ex-husband, Jim Bellino. The mother of three felt pretty trapped in her marriage. This marked the first time I started to have sympathy for her.

Since leaving Real Housewives of Orange County, she divorced Jim and threw herself back into the dating pond. We saw Alexis flaunt her new boyfriend on an episode of Below Deck, but she wasn’t happy. What’s that saying someone else’s ex is someone’s pot of gold? This could be exactly what happened to Alexis when she first met Shannon Beador’s former boyfriend. Who are we to say that Alexis doesn’t deserve a happily ever after? Honestly, I think John might be it. 

John and Shannon didn’t mesh

Even though Shannon wanted fans to think that she and John were a match made in heaven, that just isn’t the case. The fact is she and John formed their relationship with the help of alcohol. During their respective seasons, cameras caught them making drinks often for one another. But drinks at the Quiet Woman would lead to bickering and unsettled arguments. 

It also was a red flag in their relationship that Shannon didn’t like John’s children. During a Watch What Happens Live segment, Shannon said, “Unfortunately, I don’t have a positive relationship with John’s daughter, which happens often in blended families. We did have an argument, and I was upset about it.” In the summer of 2023, Shannon was seen shouting at John’s daughter during a family outing to Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa, California. It was reported that Shannon had to be restrained and removed from the club. 

John makes an effort

Now that John is with Alexis, fans are seeing a whole different side. Gone is the man who always looked cross or worried. Here to stay is a guy who looks relaxed and comfortable in his relationship. One major reason that John could be the perfect guy for Alexis is that he loves her kids. Lex’s son Miles came out to Alexis as trans after hiding it for years. John has embraced all of her children. 

Photos were taken recently of John attending Alexis’ oldest son, James’ high school graduation. In an even more surprising move, John also has made an effort to get along with Jim. The two dads looked happy posing together for a photo at the graduation, which signals the families are blending well together. 

John and Alexis just work

I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it again: it is amazing how much younger John looks since his relationship with Alexis started. The two just seem to really be two peas in a pod. John and Alexis are not constantly caught in public involved in screaming matches, unlike John and Shannon. The opposite is true. The two lovebirds are snapped, smiling, holding hands, and even making out. John seems more than willing to show his affection for his girlfriend, which isn’t something we have always seen with Shannon. 

Many fans have pointed out that they felt John was a bit of a jerk to Shannon, who was clearly afraid of upsetting him. I wonder if we didn’t get to see the good side of John because he was actually in turmoil. It forces fans to imagine it must have been hard to have a life balance with a woman who didn’t like your children. I also imagine it must have been hard to be the shoulder for Shannon during her divorce drama. Lastly, living with a person who indulges in too many cocktails can also be triggering. Maybe John just needed a break. A chance to breathe and find a woman he could really connect with. Alexis, being that woman, wasn’t necessarily on my Bravo bingo card, but I, as a fan, am happy to see them working out.