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Even though most of the Real Housewives shows are full of women who solely know each other because they were selected for the same cast, there actually is a true, longtime relationship between Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman. That’s why it is surprising that the main story line from Season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas so far is the feud between them.

It’s different than the other Housewives beef because they are both clearly hurt, yet they both feel sad that the other person is hurt. There is a realness to this one that isn’t always present. There hasn’t even been that signature Housewives shade throwing for sport. They both actually seem like they want to be friends and resolve the issues even though they are so upset.

It has to be tough for Stephanie and Brandi to relive this whole situation. They’re either cool these days and the episodes are reopening old wounds or they’re still at odds and they’re getting even more upset. No matter how you slice it, it has to be uncomfortable to watch and discuss all of this months later.

In Brandi’s Bravo blog about the last episode, she admitted, “I must say, I was shocked to see Stephanie Hollman mention she started seeing a counselor as a result of our falling out. I am not a mean girl, nor do I condone mean girl behavior. (I do, do humor though). I think that Stephanie overreacted to her counselor and it left me in tears myself.”

She also explained why LeeAnne Locken told Stephanie that Brandi would “check her calendar.” It wasn’t just LeeAnne fulfilling her villain role from last year – there actually is some back story there.

Brandi explained, “There are always two sides to every story and if you will recall, LeeAnne Locken told Stephanie that I needed to check my calendar etc. well this is what I was told when I tried to make things right before I cut her off.” That makes so much more sense now, but it’s apparently easier to just portray LeeAnne the same way she was last season.

She continued, “It is upsetting to me because of watching, I feel like Stephanie wasn’t in tune with me when I was desperately trying. But now the role feels reversed and I’m seeing how much pain she is in. It kills me because I hate seeing her like this, I honestly want to jump through the screen and tell her it can be the same. I’m sorry I didn’t think I could hurt my best friend like this.” The hurt is definitely real here (on both sides). This is not for the show, for sure.

Brandi admitted, “I thought that by her social media and relationship with Cary Deuber, she didn’t need or want me. I went through months of pain and hurting and didn’t feel loved or respected by her and now I have purposely caused this pain and I’m sorry. All I can do is ask myself, how do we meet in the middle, now it hurts, even more, knowing I hurt her.”

Then Brandi addressed the text message drama: “As far as the text, I wasn’t trying to throw Stephanie under the bus, I did, however, feel like if Cary said these things, LeeAnne should be cautious of her relationship with Cary. I didn’t know that they were speaking about Stephanie and I. So watching it makes sense. Stephanie was trying to warn me and I was trying to warn LeeAnne. It’s the circle of caution when it comes to these relationships and you’re not quite sure where you stand. So being honest is the most important thing.”

Brandi wrote, “Having lunch with Cary and her denying saying these words made me feel as if Stephanie might be trying to play me. I know that’s not who Stephanie is but in that moment I just thought she shouldn’t have sent this and put the target on Cary for saying these things. It just felt so intentional and for what reason?”

At this point in the season, Brandi and Stephanie still haven’t had any one-on-one time. Brandi recalled, “However, I was also wanting to see Stephanie and talk but once again, we are around a bunch of bitches. (No pun intended).” Probably not the best setting to resolve a problem.

One person who had no problem addressing her issues in a group setting was LeeAnne. Brandi said, “LeeAnne confronting Stephanie about the text was awkward and hostile. I know LeeAnne knows she can’t treat Stephanie like this, but LeeAnne is pissed and wants her to know. I feel like I made a mistake because of the way that LeeAnne is handling the situation. I should have probably asked how therapy was going before telling her about the text because clearly, she needs to keep going.” Shade thrown. Still, Brandi did show her some love when she wrote, “I do love her as a hot dog though, AMAZING!”

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