Even though Jeff Lewis is entertaining on Flipping Out, he really needs a talk show or some other platform to dish on the other Bravo shows. Not only is he friendly with a lot of the Bravolebrities (i.e. has inside scoop), but is also not at all shy when it comes to sharing his opinions- and he has some strong opinions.

Everyone knows that Jeff has a vendetta against former Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow, so pretty much every interview turns into spilling some Heather tea, throwing shade at her, or just straight up insulting her. As awful as that sounds, it never fails to entertain me.

Jeff talked all things Bravo during an interview for the Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald podcast. He said what every RHOC viewer is thinking this year: “OC this season is bad.” Downright awful.

He continued, “I’ve told Andy [Cohen] this. I told Amy Phillips this. I told anyone who would listen to me. The fact is you’ve got two islands and you have Vicki [Gunvalson] on one island and Tamra [Judge] and Shannon [Beador] on another island. And it’s not working.” Thank you, Jeff. This season has been torturous to watch. If the cast members on this show won’t interact, why do we have to watch it? Well, obviously we don’t “have” to watch it, but we want to and deserve better story lines.

Then Jeff came out with some fighting words when he declared, “They have to let somebody go. I love Vicki. I’ve been friends with Vicki for a long time.” Damn. Calling out the only original cast member who is still on the show. Jeff continued, “I think shes’ a great part of the program, but she’s not working with the girls and just when you think there’s going to be a reconciliation, she hurls these horrible, vicious, nasty, untrue accusations. Is that really going to warm up these girls to where they’re going to reconcile and hang out with you?” He also said, “I think Vicki has done this to herself and maybe it’s time.”

While Jeff was making hypothetical casting decisions, he shared his thoughts on the newest cast member Peggy Sulahian. He said, “Honestly I think it’s not the right fit. I think it’s a misfire.” One hundred percent. He also added, “I will say I think she’s very pretty. They probably fit the profile. They’re very affluent.” But not at all entertaining. Next.

And of course, the interview wouldn’t be complete without hating on Heather Dubrow. Jeff declared, “She’s not a good person and I’ll tell you why. I’ve had disagreements with Housewives before, but I’ve been able to get over them. I’ve been able to talk them through and apologize. She was very upset with me and she went on Access Hollywood Live, lied about me, and said things that were absolutely untrue.”

And of course, the interview wouldn’t be complete without hating on Heather Dubrow. Jeff said, “She was a problem. She was a problem with production. She was a problem with Bravo. It doesn’t matter whether she’s good television or not. When you become a big pain in the ass to the executives and to the production company, they get rid of you. That’s what happens.”
Jeff hypothesized, “I think being demoted to a friend, it was supposed to be a slap on the hand, and ‘we will bring you back next season after we punish you.’ She, of course, with her huge ego was not going to go with that.” Sounds on point to me.
Then Jeff really came in with the low blow: “She announces that she leaves because she wants to be with the kids. Well, you haven’t been with the kids for the last four seasons. Why did you suddenly decide to be with the kids now? Bull shit. I call bull shit.”

The Flipping Out star explained, “She said that I body shamed her and I face shamed her. That is absolutely, totally, and completely false. That’s where it went too far. There’s one thing to [have] a little disagreement, but when you go on live television and spread these nasty rumors about me, that’s when you insult my character. That’s when I come back. I think she now realizes she messed with the wrong bitch. It’s never going to end by the way. It’s never going to stop because I will never forget what she did. I won’t be forgiving her any time soon.” Andy should invite them both to hash it out live. It would definitely make for some great television.

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