Jeff Lewis and Bethenny Frankel on WWHL

With Bethenny Frankel and Jeff Lewis as guests, Andy Cohen didn’t have to make too much effort to host Watch What Happens Live last night. These two never have a problem opening up and spilling the tea, especially after the conclusion of Real Housewives of New York’s Mexico trip.

Bethenny and Jeff had a lot to say…. as per usual.

Andy asked Bethenny about Sonja Morgan kissing her (and attempting to get with the rest of the cast) during the Mexico trip and Bethenny revealed a surprising tidbit: “Years ago when we were in St. John on the boat, I peaked into the kitchen – and I thought I saw her and Alex McCord kind of making out, but this was in the beginning [of Housewives].” Wait. What?! She added, “And I was like ‘Did I actually see that?’ So now I know that I did actually see that.”

Alex? Sonja? A confirmation, please.

Of course Andy had to ask if Ramona Singer’s apology to Bethenny (while she was naked in the pool) was sincere or not. Jeff immediately said, “Yes.” On the other hand, Bethenny shared, “I think that we all think that in the moment the apology is sincere, but let’s watch what happens.”

Bethenny later said, “After that [apology] I was waiting to see what would happen and we shot the reunion and you know, it’s questionable whether or not Ramona can really change.” And that’s why the NYC ladies call her “The Apologizer.” I’m sure she will have another renewal or new beginnings party next season. Bethenny added, “I’m honestly not angry, but I don’t think we’ll be at the same place we were before and that’s okay. On the show it can be so difficult if you can’t stand the sight of someone.”

Andy asked Bethenny for her opinion on the rumors that Luann D’Agostino slapped Tom D’Agostino in a restaurant. Bethenny actually had a lot of compassion for the former countess. She admitted, “I really feel badly for her because she’s been living this totally out loud. I think it’s personal. They got married and I decided to stay out of it after that.” I don’t blame her – especially after that iconic Miami trip where Bethenny showed Luann those photos of Tom.

Bethenny and Jeff played (what should have been) a lighthearted game where they each said the first word that came to mind when he mentioned the name of several Housewives. Well, it was lighthearted until Heather Dubrow’s name came up and Jeff had a few choice words: “inauthentic, pretentious, condescending, snobbish, bitchy.” Damn.

Jeff wasn’t done hating on the Housewives though. When a caller asked what he thought of RHONY new girl Tinsley Mortmer, he said, “She seems fragile and unstable to me, but she’s cute.” At least he said she was cute… Right?

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