Meghan Edmonds Says She Did Nothing To Deserve Kelly Dodd’s Attack

Meghan Edmonds tries hard, y’all, but when dealing with women who act like babies, she’s facing an impossible task. Especially because motherhood and babies are so boring and exhausting. In response to Kelly Dodd‘s accusation that she is a pot-stirring absentee mother, Meghan insists she’s been nothing but a great friend to Kelly and didn’t deserve having her character attacked.

After being the one who helped Kelly make amends with Shannon Beador, Meghan was shocked to find herself “the one under fire.” Now she recognizes that everyone getting along was “too good to be true.” Never rest on your Housewives laurels as they say!

The drama started when Kelly asserted that Shannon was secretly recording their conversation. Of that accusation, Meghan says, “I was so confused. What would be her motive to record Kelly? It doesn’t sound like Shannon at all, so that’s why I wanted to bring it to her attention.” Actually that does sound like Shannon based on the shady footage we saw from last season!

Meghan defends calling Shannon because Kelly “never asked me not to call.” Oh, please – Meghan knows better! She knew exactly what she was doing. Me-Me-Me-Meeeedling! Still, Meghan insists, “I didn’t think it would turn in to such an ordeal.”

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“I do realize now that I shouldn’t have called her right away, but I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful to Kelly at all by doing that – I just wanted to try to shut it down before it ruminated,” Meghan explains. “I don’t want ANY drama! I’m over here in survival mode! Also, I’m so exhausted with the baby that sometimes I don’t think things through…this was one of those times.”

Meghan did think through her lunch with Vicki Gunvalson and had “nothing but good intentions” in seeking to understand Vicki’s beliefs. “If I’m going to be friends with her, I want it to be authentic.”

“It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped because when she started saying certain things about Shannon, I felt that as Shannon’s friend, I had to tell her what was said,” defends Meghan. “I even told Vicki that I was going to tell Shannon – that’s not me stirring anything up AT ALL! That’s me being a loyal friend to Shannon.”

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Of course it all came to a very dragtastic conclusion during bingo where Meghan found herself in Kelly’s warpath. “I’ve been nothing but a good friend to Kelly and have ALWAYS been there for her, so I was shocked when she accused me otherwise. I’ve seen her fights with the other girls and never thought her nastiness would be directed towards me.”

Meghan maintains that texting Kelly to ask if she had a boyfriend “wasn’t the same” as Kelly accusing Jimmy of cheating. “It would’ve been the same if Kelly had asked ME if I was having an affair on Jimmy. I went straight to the source to shut it down when I asked Kelly, but she took it a step further and accused my husband of cheating on me.” Ummmmm… sounds like semantics to me!

“I really appreciate Shannon and Tamra trying to have my back though because what Kelly said to me at bingo was intentionally hurtful – and that mixed with hormones was not a good combo for me.”

“After all of that, when talking ‘friendship,’ I can’t look at Kelly the same way anymore,” Meghan concludes in her Bravo blog. “And she was right, I shouldn’t have wasted my precious night out with her, I would’ve much rather been home with my baby.

Meghan just seems bored. It’s definitely isolating being home with a baby, but isn’t that why Meghan hired a nanny who is also her cousin? Meghan loves to involve herself in everyone else’s drama, then insist she’s just trying to do the right thing. Well, sometimes the right thing is knowing when to quit! She had no business tattling to Shannon about Kelly’s suspicions – the only effect that had was escalating a situation and riling up both Kelly and Shannon. I will say though, Meghan is correct: she has always been a good and salient friend to Kelly!


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