Meghan Edmonds Shocked & Happy To See Kelly Dodd And Shannon Beador Share a Heartfelt Moment

Now that she’s actually back in the mix with (some of) the ladies of The Real Housewives Of Orange County, Meghan Edmonds has a front row seat to the shifting alliances and drama that are plaguing this group. But this week offered up a surprising moment between Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd, which Meghan admits she was shocked to witness.

Before discussing that St. Patrick’s Day miracle, Meghan celebrates the idea of throwing herself back into the modeling world, even if it is somewhat of a pipe dream. She jokes, “It’s fun to (pretend to) be a model sometimes and for me, it’s so important for my mental health to work and play outside the home.”

“It was also so fun to go out and celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with the girls,” continues Meghan, who even put up with Shannon’s horrific Irish accent for the day.

“I didn’t know how it would go having both Kelly and Shannon there with the mix of alcohol, but it couldn’t have gone better! I love that we got along all day and then to see Kelly give Shannon and heartfelt apology?! So shocking and heartwarming! By the way, shout out to Brie Leach for my awesome makeup!”

Shocking and heartwarming moment aside, it will be interesting to see how Vicki Gunvalson reacts to this new temporary truce between Shannon and Kelly. Prediction: Screaming and arm-flailing will occur. Also, Satan will cause confusion. Hey – while he’s at it, maybe he can force these chicks to film TOGETHER at some point too? Just a humble request!

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Moving on to the Spartan Race that Tamra Judge and Lydia McLaughlin nearly puked at ran in, Meghan comments on Shannon’s absence. Although David Beador joined in the race too, Shannon didn’t show up to support him which, according to some, seemed suspect.

Meghan argues, “I don’t really understand why they were shocked that Shannon didn’t go along and insinuated that she should want to join David at an out of town event such as the Spartan Race. It’s always great to support your spouse when you can but let’s take into consideration that Shannon and David have three, school-aged children with a lot of extracurriculars. Additionally, this was a weekend trip to Las Vegas so I completely understand why she couldn’t go along, let alone participate.”

Although this week was fairly drama-free, Meghan closes her blog with a warning to “stay tuned to see if the happiness continues next week or if it was too good to be true…” Well, unless this cast can figure out how to drop some of this old baggage and keep it moving, I’ll remain somewhat skeptical. (But always hopeful!)


Photo Credit: Bravo