Vicki Gunvalson Says Briana Culberson's Lupus Has Taken A Toll, But She's Doing Okay

Vicki Gunvalson is on yet another redemption tour. She just wants everyone – most notably her Real Housewives Of Orange County co-stars – to move on, move forward, and forget all the awful things she’s said and done (and dated).

First Vicki stopped by the the Wendy Williams Show where she opened up about finding love with Steve Lodge. She totally brought Wendy a Coto gift bag and they made plans to Whoop it up! OMG.

The future is bright for Vicki and Steve, but they’re proceeding with caution. “I just don’t want anymore divorces or break ups – my heart can’t handle it,” she shared.

“We want to make sure it’s forever,” she added. “I’m fifty-five, if I live to be 85 – that’s 30 great years.”

Vicki credits Steve for bringing her down to reality. Like real-reality. “For me, it was time for some peace in my life and so I’ve been really proud of that. It’s been good for me to kind of get out of the drama of fighting with ladies and just really show what a solid, good, healthy relationship has brought in my life.”

Of course Wendy had to ask about Brooks since that’s like a prerequisite for any Vicki anything. Vicki’s reaction was, “Do we have to talk about him? Uck.” Yes, yes, apparently we always do. Sadly. Wendy quizzed Vicki on if she knew he was lying, and Vicki gave her patented answer. “After we broke up all the pieces of the puzzle fell together. He would never really be honest with me; said it was never really my business since we were dating, not married. Haven’t we all dated a bad boyfriend?” she asked the audience. Yeah, we have – I’ll give her that. I’ve never quite had a ‘Brooks’ but I know people who’ve dated even worse!

Speaking of break-ups, Wendy brought up Kelly Dodd‘s divorce and, Vicki made it all about how it affects her. Naturally. “I’m sad for her and Michael because Steve and I are really close with Michael and Kelly, but I’m there for her as a friend. I’ve been divorced on public TV and it’s tough,” she continued. “It’s not easy to put your life out there and then have all the people say, ‘You shouldn’t divorce, you should divorce… ‘”

Wendy also questioned Vicki about why she’s remained on RHOC all these years, and Vicki laughed, “I dunno – cause God wants me to be!” Dang – these Orange County ladies have a personal phone line to God, don’t they?! How can I get one of those? Vicki added, “It gives me a lot of great opportunities and I’m able to help a lot of people with the resources, so why not?!” She went on to reveal that, thanks to the success from the show, Coto Insurance will be expanding into franchises. “Coto Insurance will actually be going all across the United States.” That is kinda amazing. Whoa.

Finally Wendy addressed Vicki’s terse sit-down with Tamra Judge. “She came with an agenda to leave. She didn’t come with an agenda to be OK, so I came – literally I wanted to draw a line in the sand: let’s move forward, let’s be kind to each other. We don’t have to be BFF, but we have to be nice to each other. I really want to be back in her life because it’s easier,” Vicki shrugged.

Vicki also sat down with E! News to discuss her issues with Tamra (of course) and Shannon Beador. She complains that their inability to move on has damaged the show with recycled drama. Gotta agree there!

“I don’t wanna talk about it anymore! This whole season – it’s been stuck,” Vicki complained. “I can’t get the train out of the station. It’s just we’re stuck. And I have tried; I’ve tried my best. Maybe it wasn’t right? I’m open to suggestions from the viewers – like tell me what to do. I’m hopeful because the truth of the matter is I think we’re both good people and I think we both got hurt.

Vicki is adamant that she owes Shannon no apologies. “When Shannon says she isn’t going to forgive me, I say ‘For what?‘ For me it’s easier to learn from our mistakes. I’ll learn from mine, I want the same for her and then I want to be able to move on,” she said. “I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

During their coffee meeting, Vicki says Tamra immediately put her “on defense” with her abrupt “what’s up” greeting. “What’s up is that we work together and we’re friends – we gotta work this out!” snaps Vicki, who offered: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry – OK, done.”

Apparently all hope is not lost. “You’ll see some icebreaking when we’re in Iceland,” she jokes, but acknowledges, that right now, they’re still “not in a good place.”

Vicki is also adamant that she didn’t invite Ricky and Gretchen to her birthday party to be malicious *yeah right*. “I didn’t set anything up,” she insists. “It was my birthday – I wanted all the attention.” At least Vicki admits that if she could “take anything back” she would’ve never talked to Kelly about Eddie.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]