Peggy & Diko Anniversary

Did you know that Peggy Sulahian is Armenian? Just in case you didn’t catch it, she made sure to mention it for the 984,434,153th time during the last Real Housewives of Orange County episode that the fans were subjected to watching. This season has been a total snooze fest and focusing the most recent episode around Peggy’s wedding anniversary party wasn’t helping manners.

SOS! SOS! When are the cast vacation episodes airing? This show is in desperate need of some excitement this season. Instead we had to watch Peggy and Diko Sulahian celebrating a twenty two year wedding anniversary. Good for them, but the only semi-interesting thing that happened during this episode was Diko confronting Shannon Beador about something her husband David Beador said.

Peggy shared her insightful perspective on the episode in her Bravo blog. Before jumping into her own story line, she discussed the disappointment meetup between Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge. The new girl remarked, “It’s sad how a relationship that was so tight has drifted so far apart. But it was important enough to Vicki that she apologized.” Really? Vicki accused Tamra’s husband of using her to open up a gym. How is that an acceptable way to move forward? Peggy theorized, “I guess Tamra is still wounded and doesn’t seem to want to mend fences yet, but seeing as they were so close, it may just be a matter of time.” Right. It’s only a matter of time before they get past lies about infidelity, sexuality, abuse, and cancer.

Aside from her confusion over English idioms, Peggy’s other contribution to this show is a confusing cancer diagnosis. Peggy wrote, “Perhaps we all need to be clearer when we speak. Like when I explained my ailment to each of the ladies…maybe there was a preconceived notion that I was trying to deceive them, so they weren’t listening attentively. Obviously, I’m having the difficulty in the realization of what I’ve gone through, but again, here is a quick recap:”

– saw a mass
– an MRI confirmed the mass

– pre-cancer cells found

Surgery one:
– removed a 25mm mass (3mm of which was cancerous), negative BRACA

Surgery two:
– double mastectomy
– checked lymph nodes (found to be cancer free since caught early)
– expanders put in

Surgery three:
– removal of expanders
– replaced with implants

Peggy added, “Hopefully this clears it up for the whole world!” Seriously. Can people just let this go and stop trying to turn it into a story. Come at Peggy for anything else, but just leave her health alone. I’m here to watch Real Housewives of Orange County, not Real Medical Diagnoses of Orange County.

And then there was that awkward confrontation with Diko and Shannon. The thing that struck me the most about the whole situation was the fact that he broke away from his own party to confront Shannon. Wasn’t the spotlight shining brightly enough? He’s really trying to hold up an orange in the opening credits, huh?

I stopped caring about the conversation between Diko and Shannon before it even began, but in such a lackluster season, it had to become a story line. Peggy explained, “Diko may have misinterpreted David’s intentions due to manner in which David came back with questions at him that appeared to be more interrogative rather than concern. This was the first time Diko and David had met, and I feel like maybe their two strong personalities clashed.” It honestly didn’t even seem like a huge deal until Diko saw the opportunity for a story line after the fact when Diko started to give it more thought.

Peggy continued, “In hindsight, after a few more encounters with David, as well as further insight from Doug [McLaughlin] and Michael about David’s personality, Diko reevaluated his initial reaction towards their encounter on the boat. The next time they met, Diko and David were more amicable as they had a better understanding of each other’s personalities. David’s questions were clearly out of confusion, and he was really just looking for clarification on the specifics of my medical condition.” Of course the questions were out of confusion. David doesn’t want to be on this show. He’s not the one looking for camera time. He clearly hates being on this show.

The story wasn’t over though. Peggy wrote, “Subsequently, Diko felt that he owed Shannon an apology and explanation on his perspective and reaction. His intention was to make sure that Shannon understood where he was coming from and avoid ungrounded friction. He felt that Shannon was owed the two sides of the story and wanted to own up to his misinterpretation of David’s personality and intentions, which was the cause of my negative reaction towards David as well. Unfortunately, Shannon felt very defensive about the situation and wasn’t open to hearing Diko, much less accepting the gesture he was putting forward. I’m saddened that his good intentions and his humble gesture went to waste when Shannon saw it as an attack.”

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