Shannon Beador “Confused” By Peggy Sulahian; Jenni Pulos Feels “In The Middle” Of Jeff Lewis And Zoila Chavez’s Drama

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 14162 -- Pictured: (l-r) Shannon Beador, Jenni Pulos -- (Photo by: Paul Zimmerman/Bravo)

It feels like Shannon Beador will never live down the comments she made attributing her weight gain to Vicki Gunvalson. It has been addressed during every single interview she’s done this season and last night’s Watch What Happens Live episode was no exception.

Thankfully for Shannon, she had her girl Jenni Pulos sitting right next to her just in case she needed some support…. and to answer some tough questions herself about the drama between Jeff Lewis and Zoila Chavez.

Host Andy Cohen asked about Jenni’s previous appearance with Kelly Dodd when Jenni really went to bat for Shannon. Andy couldn’t help wondering, “Did you send her a muffin basket after that? I mean I hope.” Jenni reminded Shannon, “You left me that voice mail message after that. You were crying.” Shannon later said, “We’re both real friends and I would have done the same for you too.”

Of course the show couldn’t be all lovey dovey, the Real Housewives of Orange County drama had to be addressed. Shannon defended her man David Beador after he was accused of interrogating Diko Sulahian about Peggy Sulahian’s cancer diagnosis. Shannon said, “First of all David’s not going to interrogate anyone. He hates talking. He was confused. All of us have been confused.”

Jenni chimed in with, “There’s no question that she had cancer. She had a double mastectomy didn’t she?” Shannon said, “Sometimes they say she did. Sometimes they say she didn’t. I hope she doesn’t and I would never sit there and try to interrogate her about it. It’s just a confusing story.”

Whether Peggy has cancer, had cancer, or just got a mastectomy for preventative reasons is really no one’s business. The medical investigations on Real Housewives of Orange County are just overdone at this point. She’s not pulling a Brooks Ayers by forging documents and talking about doctor visits that never actually happened. Can people just let this go? If you’re going to hate on Peggy for anything, come at her for not having a story line this season.

Moving on to another tough topic, Andy asked Jenni about the breakup between Jeff and Zoila. Jenni admitted, “I have been in the middle. I’ve never had an issue with Zoila. She was in my wedding. I know her relationship with Jeff. They are mother and son, so it’s really difficult. That being said, I think all of this was really brewing for a long time and then they both looked the other way. So it came to a head.”

When asked about Kelly Dodd’s breakup with her husband, Shannon said, “I haven’t had a chance to talk to her because she’s been traveling overseas. I think she just got home, so no I haven’t talked to her.” Not even a quick iMessage? I’m sure Kelly had wifi wherever she was.

A fan asked Shannon, “Are you worried that if Tamra [Judge] and Vicki mend fences that you won’t have any allies on the show?” Shannon insisted, “Absolutely not. I said to Tamra all along, ‘If you want to be friends with her, I support it.’ She asks me all the time because she’s more of a pleaser and nicer person than I am. She’ll say, ‘help me stay strong.’ So that’s why ‘buck up,’ I said. Buck up.”

Circling back to the Jeff and Zoila drama, a fan wanted to know if Jenni believed that Zoila “is trying to sabotage the nanny.” Shannon said, “I do.” Jenni explained, “I think Zoila wants to be top dog, but then Zoila can’t really be anymore from where she is. It’s a real life telenovela at Jeff Lewis’.”

Another question that Shannon seems to get in every interview is some variation of “Why do you think you and Lydia [McLaughlin] got off on the wrong foot? And do you think you two could ever get along?” Shannon did not shed any new light on the situation. At all. Nevertheless, she did say, “Well, I’m still trying to figure that out on my own.” I’m all for anyone being friends, but if Lydia and Shannon wanted to be friends away from the TV cameras, that would be ideal. I don’t need Lydia on another season of Real Housewives of Orange County.

Shannon also teased, “So you will see some interesting things happen. I have to say though to this point in this show, I’m very, very surprised at the weekly cut downs and really character-damaging comments that she’s made. I said nothing mean about her. Not once.” This is actually a good point. Aside from promoting her magazine, pretty much all Lydia does is talk shit about Shannon and pretend to be a peacemaker.

Shannon said that Lydia has referred to her as, “Crazy, psycho, insane.” Whatever, Shannon. At least you’re not boring. I can’t say the same about all of the other women in the cast.

The episode got a little more lighthearted when Jenni was asked about which Housewife has the tackiest home and she called out the Real Housewives of New Jersey centerpiece herself Teresa Giudice. She did make sure to throw in an, “I love her” though. When asked who Jeff said had the tackiest home. Shannon guessed, “I’m going to say She by Sheree,” but Sheree Whitfield wasn’t actually his answer. He too named Teresa and Andy remarked, “They share that in common.”

And to finish things out, Shannon was asked about blaming her weight gain on Vicki. For the 999,999th time. Shannon insisted, “I’ve never blamed my weight gain on her.” Eh. I wouldn’t go that far, but Shannon has taken responsibility for this accusation in a million interviews and has apologized. Can people just stop asking her this same question over and over again? Shannon even admitted, “I’m just saying the stress that was caused started the ball rolling. I’m the one who put the food in and the drink.” Good enough for me. Let’s move on.

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