Margaret Josephs Talks Plastic Surgery, Working With Her Mom, & Her Relationships With Siggy Flicker And Dolores Catania

Even though Real Housewives of New Jersey will always be The Teresa Giudice Show, Margaret Josephs and Siggy Flicker are carrying RHONJ Season 8 on their backs.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing gets me emotional like a scene with any Giudice family member, but as far as the drama between cast members, Siggy and Margaret feud takes the cake (without throwing it, obviously).

These two have something going on between them every single episode. Not only that, but Margaret’s mother is just TV gold. I have no idea why they didn’t go for some two for one deal and cast Marge Sr. as a Housewife as well. Or at the very least she deserves a web series or something. Aside from talking about her mother’s antics, the newest NJ Housewife has a lot to say about being on the show.

Margaret discusses her issues with Siggy, working with her mom, and cosmetic procedures in an interview with Kate Casey for her Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast. Personally, I’m really living for Marge Sr. and every word that comes out of her mouth. Margaret explained why it can be a lot to handle: “Marge Sr., I mean I love her, but she forgets she’s an employee. I can’t boss her around. She does whatever she wants. She’s sexting. She’s on the phone. She’s making her beauty appointments, but I will say she’s the best dressed in the office.” And as someone who has nothing to do with Margaret’s company, that’s all I want: entertainment.

Not only that, but I wish that we got to see more of Marge Sr.’s dating life, which is a sentiment that Margaret has as well. Margaret shared, “Sometimes we double date. Sometimes she keeps them hidden. Sometimes the things I don’t want to know, she tells me about- the intimate details of her sex life. The things I do want to know, I never find out about.”

Just like most Real Housewives interviews, Margaret was asked about plastic surgery. She revealed, “I did have my eyes done. At forty five, I had just my upper lids done and nothing else. All these body parts are real on the Marge.”

Moving on to the drama, one major point of contention between Siggy and Margaret was Siggy “bringing her into the group,” even though they weren’t friends before the show (or during or after). Margaret revealed, “It’s funny. I was approached in like 2013. They had interviewed me and by the time they got back to me they said, ‘Oh my god. Bravo loves you.’ I was just like ‘Ugh. You know what, I’m not in the mood. It’s not the right timing. My son’s still home.’ And I think that year they signed the twins or whatever it was for the next season.” And just when I (almost) forgot about that horrible season with the twins…. Let’s just not bring that up again ever.

Margaret continued, “Now it comes around to this season and my girlfriend Jodi comes over and she had said to me, ‘You know they’re looking for a Housewife again. I told them I don’t think you would do it.’ And she had found out because Siggy had mentioned to her ‘You know everybody in town. The producers are going to call you. Recommend a few people.'” She said, “I was like ‘You know what, I’m going to be fifty this year. I would do it.'”

Margaret explained, “You have to know someone and have an organic connection and I knew Siggy from town. We had been acquaintances, friendly. We both always worked. We had lunch together. She had come to my house, but Jodi really introduced me and that’s how it happened.” Kate asked the obvious question: “Why isn’t Jodi on the show?” Margaret said, “She is on a little bit with me. You’ll see her more throughout the season.” She also said, “I don’t know why she’s not on the show.” It would be interesting if she was: a friendship triangle between Siggy, Margaret, and Jodi could be some entertaining stuff.

Even though there seems to be zero love between Siggy and Margaret these days, Margaret insists, “We knew each other and it was an instant connection. We always admired each other and both did local TV.” This was all before Margaret threw that memorial to honor Teresa’s mom the day after they met.

Kate told Margaret, “A lot of people wanted me to ask you about the wreath of flowers. How far in advance do you have to order something like that?” Margaret said, “That morning. It was not this pre-planned nefarious plan to upset Siggy and Dolores [Catania]. It was nothing like that.” She added, “It was so beautiful and it was cathartic. Teresa was so happy.”

Moving on to the story line that just will not end: cakegate, Kate theorized, “I’m going to use my degree in arm chair psychology. I don’t think this is really about the cake. It feels like you and Siggy were in sort of similar lanes. Then you start a show and you bonded quickly with other people and that may have been like a threat. Am I reading that situation wrong?”

Margaret agreed and said, “I don’t think you’re reading it wrong. I think ‘the more, the merrier.’ Obviously that’s not the way everybody else feels. I love when my girlfriends get along with all my friends. I’m thrilled when that happens. I’ve never been in a group of girls that get so territorial.” 

Margaret shared, “I was actually taken aback.” The newbie also said, “She has taken it to another level and I’ve never done that. I think everybody’s in shock. I’m in shock still. She needs more pellets.” Ouch.

Even though Siggy and Margaret are far from friends, Margaret does say this about Siggy’s BFF Dolores: “Dolores and I do bond more.” She explained, “I do happen to love Dolores’s character and I do think she’s a beautiful woman. I give her a lot of credit. She’s raised amazing children and I love Frank Catania, but you’re going to have to see the way it unfolds. It unfolds in a very interesting way…. and fun… and crazy.”

What do we have to look forward to this season? Margaret teased, “You are going to see the good, the bad, and the ugly”- that’s what I like to hear, especially after the last two (dismal) RHONJ seasons. She also said, “I think every episode has great impact and a lot going on.” And best of all, Margaret included, “and more Marge Sr.”

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Tonight is an all new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Bravo’s summary of the tonight’s drama: “As Dolores begins to get serious with her new boyfriend David, Siggy comes up with a plan for dealing with her empty nest syndrome. Margaret starts developing a shoe line while Teresa, Melissa, and Joe prepare for the Gorga’s tasting party. As tensions rise among the ladies, everyone is nervous that the group could explode when everyone is back together. Meanwhile, Melissa and Teresa get into a huge fight, threatening the progress of the restaurant.”

The show kicks off at 9 EST, so join us in the comments to snark through it!


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