Stephanie Hollman Glad She Made Up With Brandi Redmond; Not Surprised At LeeAnne Locken's Shady Costume

I wonder if I am the only one who loves Stephanie Hollman and LeeAnne Locken. They have been sworn enemies since Real Housewives of Dallas started, but I actually am a huge fan of both ladies. I know it makes zero sense, but I’m just holding out for them to have a surprise friendship like LeeAnne did with Brandi Redmond at the beginning of Season 2.

Unfortunately for me, that doesn’t seem to be a possibility that Stephanie is open to. At. All.

Stephanie talked about LeeAnne and all things Real Housewives of Dallas during an interview on The Morning Breath. Stephanie explained, “With myself and LeeAnne, I think it’s just going to be trust issue. We kind of started off on the wrong foot. We’ve just never been to a point where we sat down and created a friendship. It’s hard to create a friendship when there are cameras in your face as well. For me, and I think LeeAnne’s the same, it’s just that we are so different.”

Stephanie continued, “There’s a trust issue and the stuff with Cary [Deuber] makes me so nervous because I’m a mom and have children. That stuff is so important and I don’t want it to be threatened. Rumors could be started, especially false ones about my family. For me it’s like I protect myself by having space. I hope it’s not always like that because it’s no way to live. It’s a slow process. I have to have trust to have a friendship.”

Stephanie made it clear that she is still in an alliance close friends with Brandi and Cary when she shared, “At the reunion, you’ll see the three of us are on a couch together, which usually means we’re in a pretty good place.” Yes, it does. The reunion seating arrangements are everything. Stephanie also said, “Cary and I were just at Brandi’s daughter’s birthday party last week. The three of us talk. We’re actually friends outside of this show which is nice.”

Moving away from the Housewives talk, Stephanie was asked if she would want to try for a daughter since she already has two sons. She revealed, “My husband had a vasectomy a few years ago. We do have some soldiers saved in case. Sometimes, I would like to have a little girl, but two is so easy for me right now and they’re at a really good age. It sounds so ridiculous, but I’m by myself a lot now because my husband travels. It’s easier to get a four top than a five top at a restaurant.” Such a valid (but mostly hilarious) point at the end there.

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[Photo Credit: Michael Larsen/Bravo]

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