NeNe & Porsha

Like it or not, NeNe Leakes is back on Real Housewives of Atlanta and she’s doing the most to make sure everyone is well-aware she is the (self-appointed) HBIC. With that said, Porsha Williams is truly out of her league coming for NeNe. Even though everyone saw the Watch What Happens Live episode where NeNe referred to Porsha as a cast member she would eliminate from the show, NeNe is holding on to her stance that she didn’t actually say the word “fired,” so it’s fine.

Here’s the thing: Porsha needs to face some sort of repercussions for her role in Phaedra Parks’ disgusting slander campaign against Kandi Burruss, so I (and many other viewers) agree that NeNe gave a valid answer during that interview. Why isn’t NeNe just owning it though? She was standing up for Kandi after Phaedra and Porsha spread rumors that Kandi wanted to date rape Porsha. She should be owning that shit instead of backtracking based on semantics.

Now that NeNe is a full-time Housewife again, she is sharing her thoughts on the first episode in a Bravo blog post. When asked about Kenya Moore’s surprise marriage, NeNe admitted, “When I heard Kenya had eloped, I was like, ‘To whom?’ I didn’t even know she was dating anyone.” Neither did anyone.

After years of tension between NeNe an Kandi, they seem to be pretty cool these days. NeNe confirmed, “My relationship with Kandi is great! I’m happy that we have found a better way to ‘see each other.’ LOL!” Iconic quote. Love the reference, NeNe.

And then NeNe got to the real drama: her issues with Porsha. NeNe complained, “I felt the confrontation with Porsha was unnecessary!” Isn’t this what she came back on the show to do? Put women in their place and flaunt her superiority. Why else is she here?

NeNe continued, “What she wanted to talk about was an appearance I made on #WWHL where a caller called in and asked my opinion about who I would get rid of after watching Season 9. My response was ‘Freak & Fraud.” Obviously alluding to former best friends Phaedra and Porsha.

She insisted, “During the confrontation, Porsha said I wanted her fired. I said to her many times that I did not use the word fired! We are on these shows to give an opinion, and quite frankly after watching Season 9, that was my opinion! Please understand that my opinion is strictly mine and mine only! I do not hold an executive seat at Bravo.”

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