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In true NeNe fashion, NeNe Leakes was Andy Cohen’s sole guest on Watch What Happens Live last night. That means that she was throwing lots of shade toward her Real Housewives of Atlanta costars.

I hoped that NeNe would take the opportunity in the spotlight to apologize for the rape comment she made during her comedy show, but it was not mentioned at all. How suspect. Even so, she was asked a lot of other interesting questions. Yes, I know that she did a Facebook post already, but that just seemed to be more obligatory than sincere.

NeNe showed up channeling Erika Jayne in t-shirt dress that said “Don’t Make a Drama Of Your Dramas.” She was also wearing the same boots that her on-again-off-again frienemy Kim Zolciak wore when she was on Watch What Happens Live. Andy wasted no time pointing this out telling NeNe, “Your friend Kim Zolciak was wearing those on this show.” Clearly he used the word “friend” sarcastically.

I thought NeNe purposely wore the shoes to shade Kim, but she did seem to be surprised by the observation. Nevertheless, she didn’t miss the opportunity to shade Kim, saying, “It’s a hot boot and a lot of people are wanting this boot. She’s one of the other people that have it. Good for her.”

Andy polled the audience to ask if NeNe was being “nosy” or an “interested friend” asking Kenya Moore questions about her surprise marriage to Marc Daly during the first episode of the season. NeNe insisted, “An interested friend. I’m just concerned because I had never met this person at the time. So I needed to make sure she was with somebody who was great.”

No one bought that and eighty percent of viewers voted in favor of NeNe being “nosy.” NeNe reacted with, “I’m going to kill all you guys for voting that.”

Even though NeNe was in the dark about the marriage during the season premiere, time has passed and NeNe did say, “I have met him.”

Andy showed NeNe a bunch of clips with NeNe’s costars throwing shade her way during the first episode and asked NeNe, “Are you going to respond to any of the shade thrown your way?” NeNe said, “I’ll respond to all those bitches.” And she did!

NeNe said, “I thought Kenya took a personal attack and she would not appreciate it if I attacked her” in regard to Kenya dissing NeNe’s nose job.

She continued, “Porsha [Williams] saying I look different, she does too. She’s gained a lot of weight. Sheree [Whitfield] is saying she would never tell me anything. Well, I’ll tell you right away, the wig is a no.” But it really got people talking. Sheree’s platinum wig was the talk of RHOA viewers on Twitter.

NeNe also addressed her issues with Porsha: “Porsha said that I said I wanted her to be fired. I made it very clear to her that I never used those words. First of all, we’re on your show, you have callers that call in.” Andy interjected with, “They called in and said who would you get rid of?” NeNe recalled, “I said Frick and Fraud. I never used those words so let’s be very, very clear about what was said.” Sure, she didn’t use that exact word, but saying that the show should get rid of Porsha and Phaedra Parks is essentially the same thing.

Andy shared, “Kim Zolciak tweeted, ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’ NeNe clapped back with, “It sure is girl like when she went and got that Rolls Royce after me. Imitation.”

Then a viewer wanted to know if NeNe has spoken with Phaedra after what happened last season. NeNe confessed, “I have spoken to Phaedra. Briefly. It was a few months ago, but I did speak to her briefly.” Andy pushed, “Was there any substance to the conversation?” NeNe replied, “Yeah. We were just talking about some personal things.” Andy continued, “Did you talk about what happened last season?” NeNe admitted, “No, we did not.” Why was NeNe talking to Phaedra for any reason other than to put Phaedra in her place after what she did to Kandi Burruss last season?

Another fan wanted to know if NeNe was “at all threatened” by Cynthia Bailey’s close friendship with Kenya. At first, NeNe just started laughing. Then she said, “Cynthia and I very close. Let’s be very clear about that. I’m happy for her having a friendship with Kenya. By the way, Kenya and I are in a good place, so let’s just be clear.”

Speaking of Kenya, another viewer wanted to know if she thought Kenya’s relationship with her man was real. NeNe shared, “I do think her relationship with Marc is real, yes.” Apparently, Andy was expecting a little more from NeNe since he asked, “Anything else to say about it?” NeNe came back with, “What did she ask me?” Andy wouldn’t let it go though, asking, “Anything else to continue the thought?” NeNe teased, “No. Just keep watching.”

One confusing thing about watching the first episode was when Sheree compared her boutique to NeNe’s store. Sheree had a boutique? When did that happen? This is the same person who had a fashion show with no fashions. What is she even talking about? NeNe didn’t sweat the dig. She said, “Sheree, bless your heart, grasping at straws. I’m cool with Sheree, but she always seems to want to throw shade at me. I get it though. I’m that big boss.” Slow your roll, NeNe. I just wish someone asked NeNe about her distasteful rape comment. That would knock her down a (much needed) peg or two.

NeNe made it clear that she’s on the outs with Kim, Sheree, and Porsha and that she is good with Cynthia and Kenya, and she also confirmed, “Things between Kandi and I great. We are in a great place. There is no love lost at all. We’re good.” Andy explained, “‘There’s no love lost’ means things are not good.” Oops. NeNe emphasized, “Well, love is here in my heart for Kandi.” Oh, NeNe. That idiom mistake was actually pretty endearing in a Teresa Giudice sort of way – and this is coming from someone who is so over NeNe’s elitist attitude.

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