D'Andra Simmons & LeeAnne Locken

I haven’t weighed in much on Real Housewives Of Dallas (too much going on with Real Housewives Of Orange County), but I have loved season 2 and my favorite is definitely D’Andra Simmons. I like how she calls out LeeAnne Locken in a direct and dignified way, and I enjoy how self-deprecating, silly, and sarcastic she comes across. Dare I say it but D’Andra seems like a Real Housewives unicorn – she’s REAL.

Anyway, following part 2 of the reunionD’Andra explains some of the contention that went on and continues to defend her friendship with LeeAnn.

On poor maligned LeeAnne being ‘brave’ enough to face Mark without Rich: “LeeAnne and I are similar; we’re used to facing the music alone. We know it’s better to just get the discussion over with instead of letting it drag out, even if it means jumping into a pool of piranhas that are craving us for dinner!” says D’andra. “LeeAnne was the bigger person for coming back, especially when she knew she was going to be the target.”

D’Andra was, however, relieved to see Mark questioned about some of his own behaviors and that “other issues were discussed besides JUST the drama between him and LeeAnne.” And despite the heated context (Mark at the Roundup with the mythical males…) D’Andra is impressed that everyone kept it civil. “Overall, people kept their cool, and I have to say that I am proud of all parties.”

Of course since we’re [always] talking LeeAnne, she weighs in on the issues with Brandi Redmond, and the blame game. “Why is it that LeeAnne ALWAYS has to be held accountable for her actions, but Brandi and Cary are never held accountable for the things they say and do? That sounds like hypocrisy to me,” notes D’Andra in her Bravo blog.

“Somehow, the blame for Brandi accusing Cary and Mark of adultery has landed on LeeAnne—SURPRISE, SURPRISE— for ‘influencing’ Brandi?” she ponders. “Stephanie and Cary both swear they are not insinuating that LeeAnne is the impetus behind Brandi throwing that low blow, but they also say that if Brandi hadn’t been close to LeeAnne, she wouldn’t have said it. That pretty much sounds like placing blame, now doesn’t it?”

D’Andra points out that Brandi has done plenty of damage in the lonestar state on her lonesome. “Kameron [Westcott] and I both hang out with LeeAnne ALL THE TIME, and not once have we accused our friends of adultery or accused a friend of claiming their doctor killed a patient on the operating table.”

I’m of two minds here – I do think LeeAnne is vitriolic and manipulative. Her behavior is often pretty abhorrent – and filled with outlandish accusations that she later tries to Ramona Singer away (i.e. apologize, claim she was just mad, then repeats the same type of nonsense). I also believe Brandi loves getting wrapped up in drama and clearly doesn’t have a good head on her shoulders! LeeAnne isn’t to blame for Brandi’s comments or bad behavior, but she’s certainly responsible for continuing negative rumors about Mark and Cary.

As for Cary’s dynamic with Mark, D’Andra admits she doesn’t understand it – nor does she trust it! “I’m generally not a sarcastic person, and sarcasm in any relationship runs the risk of crossing a line and hurting the other person’s feelings as some point. It also makes everyone else uncomfortable, as we don’t know whether Mark and Cary are joking or fighting…take the dinner scene with Kameron and Court as an example. It was painful to watch. I don’t like to be caught in the crossfire of couples in the midst of a clash.”

D’Andra concedes that LeeAnne “made some big mistakes” but “will continue to make big strides toward becoming a healthier, happier, and less angry person.” She goes on to praise LeeAnne and Stephanie for being “the only ones trying to actively and seriously seek help with their issues through counseling. I applaud both ladies for this.”

“I’m proud of LeeAnne for continuing to apologize for perpetuating this rumor about Mark, but I don’t feel it was enough for the Deubers,” D’Andra adds. “It is hard to move on from hurt feelings, but time and space can change one’s perspective. Hopefully, with time, we will be able to move forward.”

As for the future of RHOBH, D’Andra isn’t actually Jesus, and therefore has no idea. “We have been sucked into the black hole of UNFRIENDSHIP! If you were to ask me today, I would say that LeeAnne’s friendships with Cary and Brandi are over for good. I do not see a rekindling of love between these three ladies. My only hope and sincere request is that they are cordial and respect one another in public. The less reenactment of past events, the better. I felt and still feel that even after all the animosity and hurt feelings we have experienced, I needed to end our season with a message of hope and encouragement.”


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