Porsha Williams Talks Kandi Burruss Tension, Nene Leakes Wanting Her Fired & More On The Jenny McCarthy Show

Porsha Williams Talks Kandi Burruss Tension, NeNe Leakes Wanting Her Fired & More On The Jenny McCarthy Show

Season ten of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta is already bringing the drama, and we’re only two weeks in! With cast members forming alliances based on old wounds, plus boomeranging housewives NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann back to liven things up, Porsha Williams is ready to rumble. But the new post-anger-management-Porsha says her go-to move this year is standing still while the storm rages around her.

Porsha visited The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM Stars this week to talk about her feelings on NeNe’s return, why Kandi Burruss mocking her “medical condition” shocked her, and whether she’s talked to Shaedra Phaedra Parks recently. Also – Porsha explains why megaphones still trigger her to this day! Kenya Moore’s props department is on notice, we presume.

Even though it was Frick who lured Frack into her web of lies (according to Frack), Porsha says she still loves Phaedra. While they haven’t been close since the false rape accusations came to light last year, Porsha does admit they’ve talked several times. She tells Jenny, “It’s taken me awhile to process my feelings and emotions about Phaedra and the whole situation. But guess what – through all of that, I have still loved her.”

Although their communication has only been surface-level thus far, Porsha hopes “one day it could be more.” Asked whether she’s forgiven Phaedra for lying to her, Porsha admits, “Yes, and time has done that.”

She also empathizes with Phaedra because after all, Porsha was also involved in the mess. Porsha says she takes accountability for her part in it and wants forgiveness herself, so she has to grant it to others as well. “I want to always be open. Nobody’s perfect. If you close yourself off to hearing another person because they’ve wronged you, you will never heal.”

Someone who seems closed off to Porsha right now is Kandi, the victim of Phaedra’s schemes – with Porsha acting as henchman. Porsha admits she was shocked watching the first few episodes of the season because she thought Kandi was on the road to forgiveness.

She comments, “When I watched the show last night, I realized hey – you’re actually being hateful with your friends and your crew about me once again, just making heartless comments about an illness that I’ve suffered with for years.” Porsha describes a blood pressure condition that requires airline accommodations – something that Kandi was side-eyeing when she used it as an excuse not to attend her ex friend Shamea Morton’s wedding in Africa. Porsha claims the issue has landed her in the hospital “at least six different times,” so she didn’t appreciate the snark.

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Porsha also did not appreciate NeNe saying she thinks RHOA should fire her (on a WWHL interview earlier this year). Although Porsha used to think of NeNe as a big sister, she also didn’t like when NeNe commented on her violent outbursts at a reunion two years ago. Porsha claims a “real” sister would have given this advice behind closed doors. Now she tells Jenny, “Before we even go back and talk about two years ago, let’s talk about why you were so vicious in this interview with Andy. I care about you NeNe, girl, and I want to know why the hell you would try to tear me down after building me up!”

Porsha does admit that she and NeNe are in a better place these days, despite their rough start this season. As for her PTSD over Kenya’s dollar store props back in the days of reunions gone wacko, Porsha jokes that she is still triggered by the thought of megaphones! She laughs, “See, the megaphone – you could be sitting away from me and still be screaming at me? That’s a trigger! I’m still healing.”


Photo Credit: The Jenny McCarthy Show