Cynthia Bailey Thinks Kim Zolciak Came Too Hard For Kenya Moore At NeNe Leakes’ Party

Lines have been drawn and wigs have been adjusted on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta – and we’re still at the starting line! Already, Cynthia Bailey is making no bones about who she supports in the Kim Zolciak versus Kenya Moore feud that will be raging all season long. She’s #TeamTwirl all the way, and she says so in her blog this week.

Cynthia admits that both Kim and Kenya said awful things to each other at NeNe Leakes’ party, but claims Kim was ultimately in the wrong for questioning Kenya’s marriage. “Although both ladies said some horrible things about each other during their argument, I honestly feel like Kim came into Casa Leakes coming for Kenya, and Kenya did not send for her! I think there would have been less drama had Kim been tardy for this party, LOL!”

Glad that “they didn’t have a physical altercation and that no one got hurt,” Cynthia admits she was relieved when it was all over. Ah – but is it over? Not by a long shot. This war is JUST beginning, people! Sources say that Kim is nowhere NEAR letting this “fake marriage” thing go. Sigh.

Moving on to her daughter, Noelle, Cynthia explains why she decided against moving to Charlotte. “Noelle was interested in looking at some colleges in Charlotte because she loves Charlotte, and her boyfriend at the time (they’re no longer together) lived there. Honestly, I was very relieved that Noelle didn’t move to Charlotte, but I wanted it to be her decision, not mine.”

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Cynthia continues, “I moved to NYC to pursue my modeling career when I was the same age as Noelle, and it was one of the best decisions that I ever made. I will always be grateful to my parents for trusting and believing in me to find my own way and follow my dreams.” You know, whatever Cynthia’s faults might be, she certainly has a level headed, sweet, smart daughter in Noelle – and that says a lot about a mama!

As far as the parallel war heating up between Porsha Williams and NeNe, Cynthia wasn’t entirely shocked that tensions erupted at dinner in San Francisco. She comments in her blog, “No, I wasn’t surprised that things escalated between NeNe and Porsha at dinner. They clearly have some unsolved past issues that have hurt them both. Hopefully, in time, they will be able to put their differences aside and move on.”

Porsha has hinted on recent interviews that she’s in a better place with NeNe these days, so let’s hope we get there sooner rather than later. I, for one, just wanna hear more about Sheree Whitfield’s prison boo! (Who gon’ check him?)


Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo