Margaret Josephs Reveals What Wasn’t Shown During Teresa Giudice’s Confrontation With Kim D At The Posche Fashion Show

Some of the Real Housewives of New Jersey ladies may view Kim D as a cockroach (pronounced cock-A-roach), but she does certainly bring it with her cameo appearances. There’s no better way to get the RHONJ  fandom on your side than to go against Kim D- and if it’s at a Posche fashion show, it is always iconic. We saw glimpses of the table-flipping Teresa Giudice from Season 1 of the show when she crashed the Posche Fashion show to confront Kim D about those cheating rumors.

Teresa spelling out “Posche” with a letter by letter insult aimed at Kim D was nothing short of legendary. Pushing that chair was just the cherry on top. Unfortunately for Teresa, she ultimately just gave Kim what she wanted: publicity for her store and increased attention on social media. Fortunately for the viewers, we will always have this scene to treasure. Margaret Josephs opens up about her first shake down and what the viewers did not get to see.

Margaret discussed the confrontation in an episode of The Reality Rundown podcast. She recapped, “Kim D has said character assassinating things about Teresa. This isn’t like calling someone Soggy Flicker or calling someone a bitch. This isn’t like doing something like that. This is actually where you can hurt people’s families. She’s accusing Teresa of cheating on her husband. Teresa has young girls. This can hurt someone’s entire family. She’s done things to Melissa [Gorga] that are upsetting.” Margaret left out the part about Kim “doing things to Melissa” as one of Teresa’s soldiers, but she wasn’t on the show during that era of feuding, so I’ll let it slide.

Margaret continued, “Of course I was going to support Teresa. I didn’t want her to have to go there alone. Melissa, Danielle [Staub], and I were like ‘Of course we’re going with you.’ Like I said, I’ve never been to a shake down before.” This was quite the shake down for a first-timer to experience. This was a varsity level insult exchange: almost every remark was below the belt and there was flying furniture.

There are some people who took issue with Teresa and her squad crashing a philanthropy event. The Powerhouse in Pigtails clarified, “We were at a charity, but we were upstairs in the dressing room.” That’s good to know. Thankfully they weren’t screaming and chucking chairs in front of families that were mourning their loved ones.

The Marge shared, “Teresa just wanted to confront her because Kim D was saying all of these horrible things. It’s like ‘You guys are soldiers,’ but what you couldn’t see is that there were four of us, but there were like sixty women up there.”

Margaret recapped, “Kim was saying horrible things to Teresa and calling her a criminal. I know Teresa was upset.” Upset? Upset is an understatement. She broke her year-long streak of zen and namaste.

Margaret revealed, “What you couldn’t see was that these young girls were also screaming at Teresa.” Really? I would be scared shitless to come for Teresa in that setting- or any setting for that matter. Margaret added, “One girl even told me ‘Shut up, you old lady.'” Why didn’t any of this make it into the episode?

She said, “Teresa was amazing. The way she was being spoken to, I don’t know how she did it because it was very disturbing.” Margaret even admitted, “I was shaken up by it, I’m not going to deny it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen women behave this way: so degrading and talking negatively.”

And of course she threw Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania under the bus for being on the other side of the shake down: “I was also upset that Siggy and Dolores didn’t leave with us when they witnessed all that.”

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