Margaret Josephs Thinks Danielle Staub Should Have Been A Full Time Housewife & Was Scared To Meet Kim D

There is no doubt that Margaret Josephs is a major factor on Real Housewives of New Jersey and it’s only her first season. She’s been feuding with Siggy Flicker since episode 1, her mother Marge Sr. is hysterical, and she even has a signature hairstyle. Meanwhile, some other cast members aren’t doing much aside from plugging their own businesses.

Love her or hate her, Margaret is definitely keeping things interesting on RHONJ. She is not at all shy when it comes to sharing her opinion.

Margaret was a guest on the Everything Iconic podcast and of course her TV nemesis Siggy was a topic of conversation. Margaret said, “I personally think that she does hold a grudge. She has a hard time moving on and she needs to be right and be vindicated. And I made fun of her. I make light of a lot of situations. I find everything to be hysterical and entertaining. I laugh at every single thing in my life. My family wants to shoot me half the time because I do that. That probably upset her even more. We all didn’t take it seriously. Teresa [Giudice], Melissa [Gorga], Danielle [Staub], and myself all found it funny. So I think I enraged her even more.”

In regard to the beyond annoying cakegate story line, Margaret theorized, “When everyone wasn’t saying she was right, that just inflamed the situation.” She also said, “When she embarrassed Melissa she had to say it in front of a group of people that were her friends that would say ‘You’re right. You’re right. You’re right.'”

During the last episode, Siggy explained why it is so painful for her to be referred to as “Soggy” after years of bullying she experienced as a child. Margaret remarked, “When she tells me why it upset her, I haven’t done it again after that.” What about on social media every single Wednesday when the show airs? Maybe she was just talking from the point of view she had during the time each episode aired? Or she’s just making fun of her still, I don’t know.

Margaret continued, “I found it funny. It’s painful to her and she takes everything to heart. I’m not that person. I think that at the age of fifty, you have to start to take things lighter and keep things light.”

Margaret doesn’t seem to be at all bothered by the feud with Siggy. She even said, “I find it extremely entertaining. I think we’ve been great for the season, the way it’s been unfolding. I can’t take it that seriously. The more she has a meltdown, the better it is for me, I guess.”

Moving on to lighter topics, Margaret revealed, “I have my reunion look picked out. One spoiler alert: I don’t think I’m gonna rock the pigtails.” That actually is shocking. Maybe she will change her mind about the hairstyle come reunion day.

When asked about Danielle returning to the show as a “Friend of the Housewives” instead of a full-time Housewife, Margaret said, “I don’t know why. I love Danielle. We’re really good friends. I think she should definitely be a full-time Housewife. I don’t know if she was too busy when she decided to to do it.” I really doubt that is the case. Just look at her social media and it’s clear that Danielle has been more than willing to return as a Housewife for the past few years. Nevertheless, Danielle really should be a full-time Housewife. She stirs shit up better than anyone else can.

Margaret shared her thoughts about casting for next season: “Obviously Danielle would be full-time. I think I would keep all of us. Even though Siggy and I don’t get along, who am I going to argue with? I would add somebody else in. We could use one more blonde to keep me company.” That all makes perfect sense to me.

Obviously Margaret is cool with Melissa, Teresa, and Danielle, but she did admit, “I love me some Dolores [Catania].. sometimes. We have a lot of ups and downs.” That is sort of a compliment, right? She also made a great RHONY reference when she said, “You know what I love about New York, the girls fight, make up, get back together, and I just want some of our girls to do that.” Same. I’m so over hearing about the same issue episode after episode. Let’s fight, move on, and fight about something else.

Talking about the rest of the season, Margaret said, “We go to the Kim D Posche fashion show.” She explained, “I really don’t know Kim D. I met her there. I only know stories of Kim D and what I’ve been told.” Margaret also admitted, “I was scared. I’m not gonna kid you.”

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