Caroline Manzo on Dina Manzo home invasion

The first two Real Housewives of New Jersey seasons were nothing short of iconic. Teresa Giudice, Danielle Staub, Dina Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, and Caroline Manzo made up the perfect cast. Eventually RHONJ turned into the Teresa Giudice Show and Teresa turned against sisters-in-law Caroline and Jacqueline (and vice versa).

Now there is some chatter that Caroline and Jacqueline might return to  Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Some supposed “inside sources” told Us Weekly “producers are considering approaching former housewives Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita about returning to the series.” I didn’t see that one coming. Caroline has been out of the mix for a long time and Jacqueline had a rough time during her last season.

Caroline was asked if the producers actually did approach her. She said, “It’s not a no and it’s certainly not a yes. It’s a who knows.” I figured that Caroline would want nothing to do with RHONJ, but that was far from a rejection. That response really did make it seem like she would consider it if she had an offer.

The OG cast member explained, “But for me it would be a major major decision that I would have to really think very long and very hard on. It’s not something that I would embrace wholeheartedly and say ‘let’s do this!’ It’s something that I would consider very very heavily and for a long time.”

Caroline also pointed out that she hasn’t watched the show since she left the cast, claiming, “because once I left, I left.” She did leave the show, but she still does have some Housewives ties. Caroline said, “I speak to Jacqueline,” which isn’t shocking since that’s her sister-in-law and they live near each other.

She continued, “I’m friends with Dolores [Catania]. We’ve been friends for 30 plus years so her and I are ride or die. We don’t speak every day but if she called me right now and said she needed me I’d go running and vice versa. Her family is very very close with the Manzo family but beyond that, no, I see Kathy [Wakile] every once in a while and it’s always good to see her and I think she’s a wonderful person. Melissa [Gorga] I don’t have any issues with but she hasn’t lived by me. She lives about a half hour away from me. And Teresa [Giudice] is Teresa, that’s no secret there.” I was just hoping that she would make a comment about Danielle, but Caroline would never. Ever….. Well, unless she returns to the show and Danielle is still there.

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