Even More Drama For Gorga’s Homemade Pizza & Pasta

It seems like there is a new news story related to the Gorga’s Homemade Pizza & Pasta every day and none of them are good. First of all, Joe Gorga taking Melissa Gorga out to lunch and then “surprising” her with the “news” that he bought that restaurant just seemed way too contrived.

Come to find out, Joe, Melissa, and Teresa Giudice didn’t even completely own the restaurant, which isn’t super shocking. They slapped their name on an existing restaurant in a “rebrand” for the perfect story line. Now they want their former business partners to drop the Gorga name from the restaurant and they have sent a cease-and-desist letter.

Page Six reports that the letter was sent to their former business partners Robert “Bobby” Gaccione Jr., Girolamo “Gerry” D. Cerrigone, and Richard “Ricci” Carroll on Wednesday. The family wants them to stop using their name and images for profit, which makes sense since they want nothing to do with that location at this point.

They also requested a “detailed accounting” of the profit made from using their last name. They also want “the return of [their] initial investment” in the restaurant that was originally called Salugo.

The letter reads: “Shortly after Salugo opening, Mr. Gorga and Mrs. Gorga started having some serious concerns as to the quality of the food, the service, management, and the accounting practices.”

Reportedly, “Mr. Gorga approached Mr. Gaccione and demanded to be included in all business decisions related to Salugo moving forward. Mr. Gaccione ignored Mr. Gorga’s pleas and continued to run Salugo without Mr. Gorga.” This whole thing just sounds like a mess. They were probably better off just starting from scratch instead of piggybacking on an existing restaurant.

Not only that, but Joe was “appalled by the poor health department inspection” and went to one of his business partners about it, and allegedly, he was just told that he “was not an official partner.”

The drama continues. There were allegedly health concerns when it came to selling the bottled pasta sauce so Joe asked them to stop selling it. They did stop selling it online, but it was still available to purchase at the restaurant.

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[Photo Credit:Bravo ]

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