Teresa Giudice Explains Posting A Photo With Divorce Attorney & Leaving The Finale Party With Siggy Flicker; Melissa Gorga Discusses Restaurant Closing Drama

Real Housewives of New Jersey cast members Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga appeared on Watch What Happens Live to address all of the RHONJ questions that the fandom needed answered.

What do they think about Siggy Flicker leaving the show? Did Teresa actually get an apologize from Joe Giudice when she visited him in prison? Why did it take so long for Teresa to visit him? What is going on with their restaurant closing less than a year after it opened.

After Teresa told Andy Cohen about how fun Margaret Josephs’ birthday party was, he couldn’t help asking her, “If the party was so fun, why did you leave with Siggy?” Teresa confessed, “I felt bad for Siggy. Listen, I’m good with everyone. I think Margaret’s great. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to get my groove on, but I felt bad for Siggy so I wanted to leave.” If you look up loyalty in the dictionary, you’ll see Teresa’s face, not that dictionaries actually have photos, but the RHONJ fans get the tagline I’m referencing.

That episode was just so confusing. Teresa said she didn’t have the courage to demand an apology from Joe, but then she told her brother Joe Gorga and Melissa that he did say sorry. Andy asked her, “Did you or did you not get an apology from Joe when you visited him?” She confirmed, “I did.”

Andy asked, “Why did it take you eight months to see him?” Clearly it was a difficult question for her to answer. She was visibly nervous and stumbled on her words, but she did say, “I don’t know if it was eight months. My mom got sick, so I didn’t see him the whole time my mom was sick, those three months. The one day I was going to see him is when my dad got sick, so I had to turn around and go back. Then there was a chicken pox breakout in the prison so we weren’t allowed to go see him. Then they found contraband for other inmates, they locked down.” It sounds like there was a lot going on… but eight months is a long time.

Teresa told Andy, “I missed him, but I don’t really enjoy going there. Even when I was there, I was like ‘don’t come.'” Andy wondered if there were conjugal visits and Teresa told him, “No.”

On of the callers asked both ladies about their biggest regrets from the season. Melissa answered, “When Siggy embarrassed me like that at her party, I should have left. Why did I stay there and have a glass of wine and shop? Watching it back, I cannot believe the way she treated me in front of everybody and I am pissed I stayed.”

Teresa admitted, “I really don’t have a regret.” Melissa suggested a response for her sister-in-law: “Maybe just saying that injection thing?” Teresa caved and told her, “Yes, I do regret that, baby.”

Andy gave the fandom a bit of good news when he declared, “I love these two reunions. Oh my god.” Then again, I feel like he says that about pretty much every Bravo reunion before the episodes air. He did tease that Kim DePaola’s arrival, “really brings out the old Teresa, I’ve gotta tell you.” That is something I’m looking forward to. I can pass on pretty much anything else that they want to hash out for two hours of my life.

Teresa revealed that she had a chance to apologize to Danielle Staub’s other daughter Christine Staub. She said, We did it privately. It went well.”

One caller asked them both about their reaction to Siggy leaving the show and if either of them have spoken to her since. Teresa shared, “I mean I’m not surprised. I speak to her every day. She called me on Gia’s [Giudice] birthday which was Monday. She turned seventeen. She called me to wish Gia a happy birthday.”

Melissa chimed in with, “Yeah, I’m not surprised. I think Siggy was a great Housewife, but I think she got in her own way. She got herself more worked up than it was even worth a lot of the times. I think she’s great and I wish her luck. I think it’s too much for her. She can’t control it and she doesn’t like that.” She never answered the second part of the question, you know, the part about speaking to Siggy since she quit the show. Was that an innocent slip up or a graceful way to get out of answering?

A caller asked Teresa about that photo she posted with a divorce later that she originally captioned with “getting great advice.” This got very awkward. Teresa said, “It was my friend and she was there too” while she pointed at Melissa. Melissa stepped in as the second host of Watch What Happens Live and asked Teresa, “Did you write that caption or did she?” Teresa admitted, “I had help,” but she never said who wrote the caption.

Andy asked what we all wanted to know: “Were you getting advice about divorces?” Teresa attempted to explain the post: “No. I was helping her. Just in case if anyone is getting a divorce, she’s a great divorce attorney to call. Get it?” Melissa stepped in again and asked, “So you were publicizing her?” Teresa confirmed that. Once again, Andy spoke for all of us and he admitted, “No, I don’t understand at all.” He even told her, “You made it look like you were the one getting advice.” Teresa said, “Everybody makes it worse.” Well, yes, but BECAUSE OF YOUR CAPTION. Oh, Teresa.

Melissa came through for her sister-in-law again and asked her, “Bottom line you’re not getting a divorce?” As expected, Melissa said, “No.”

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Andy tried to lighten up the mood with a game. He asked, “Who is Teresa’s least favorite Housewife?” Melissa guessed Caroline Manzo and Teresa declared, “See, she knows me.”

Andy said, “You told me at the reunion that Joe was catching up on old episodes of New Jersey Housewives and he wasn’t loving what he was seeing of himself.” Teresa shared, “He said sorry again. ‘I was such an ass.’ I’m like ‘You think? I’m glad you’re watching it now.’ Everything happens for a reason. Maybe that’s why he had to go away- to see what an ass he was being.” Sure, that’s why.

The confusion continued when a caller asked about the family restaurant closing down. Melissa said, “So we are moving to a new location. The Gorga’s that is right now, we just pulled the sign off the top yesterday. The line has been out the door honestly since we opened it to the point of we need new management. It’s not the food. The food is amazing and everyone is crazy over the food. We are relocating and making it bigger so we have closed down that location. Do not go to that location. It is not Gorga’s.”

Andy wondered, “Is it still open?” Melissa said,  “You’re going to hear a lot more. I don’t want to have an issue where I say too much. Let’s just say that location is not ours and the line has been overwhelming to be honest. Keep watching.” That sounds super messy to me. It’s also pretty suspenseful. Don’t tell me to keep watching when the season finale just aired. I need more info. I cannot wait until Season 9.

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