Kenya Moore fires back at Kim Z

Whenever a psychic, a medium, a tarot card reader, or anyone who claims to be in touch with the other side appears on a Real Housewives show, there is bound to be trouble. Usually, it’s a guarantee for an entertaining episode. The medium Mbele who appeared on the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta did not provide much personal insight, but her presence at the “Elephant Room” event that NeNe Leakes put together resulted in a lot of tension.

They were all skeptical of Mbele’s abilities as a medium and her poor attitude, but Kim Zolciak was the one who really took issue with the woman. Mbele even offered to give Kim a “spiritual bath” (whatever that means) and Kim was just not having it. Mbele didn’t exactly come through with the readings, but Kenya Moore read Kim to filth while she sat there in silence so she could collect her “Friend of the Housewives” paycheck.

Kenya discussed last week’s episode in her Bravo blog. Unlike Kim, Kenya did not take offense to Mbele’s presence- obviously since this woman really came for Kim, Kenya’s nemesis. Kenya wrote, “She was funny! When she asked to take Kim outside and give her a spiritual ‘bath’ I grabbed my purse, because I would pay GOOD money to see that, honey!” She really should have whipped out some bills or wrote a check right then. That would have been hysterical.

Kenya stated the obvious when it came to that failed “Elephant Room” event: “Nothing was resolved. If anything I think it caused more tension and drama between everyone. Hopefully we will all have another opportunity.” Of course they will. They are contractually obligated to gather as a cast. Obviously all of their issues will never (ever) be resolved, but there will be plenty of drama-filled group  gatherings in the future.

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