Summer House Star Stephen McGee Claims Scheana Marie Had Sex With Carl Radke

I cannot get enough of Bravo. I wish that there was some sort of spin-off hybrid series about the Bravolebrities in between seasons. I would love to see people from different shows mingling, turning up after Watch What Happens Live, and whatever else happens before and after they post photos together on Instagram.

Since Summer House is technically a Vanderpump Rules spin-off and the two casts hang out pretty often, it’s not too hard to imagine that a hookup went down with cast members from both shows.

Summer House standout Stephen McGee spilled some major tea about his best-friend-turned-enemy Carl Radke during his appearance on the Morning Breath live show.

Out of nowhere, Stephen just said, “Can I just tell you something? Carl f-cked Scheana [Marie].” Wait. What? When did that happen? I would love to see a timeline of that (alleged) hookup and Scheana’s relationship/friends with benefits/best friends forever situation with Robert Valletta.

Stephen sarcastically added, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to say that. I can’t believe I said that.” Then the live audience started to chant, “Carl f-cked Scheana,” which is arguably more humiliating than the clique drama Scheana has endured as a Vanderpump Rules cast member.

Stephen admitted, “I’m so embarrassed. I really didn’t even know that was about to come out.” Nevertheless, he continued and added, “I went with Carl and Scheana back to Carl’s apartment one night and she knew where everything was.” That’s not exactly a smoking gun, but how would Scheana be so familiar with where the cups are at Carl’s apartment unless she’s been there before?

Stephen clarified, “This was in early December.” This is the kind of gossip that would make Summer House a million times more interesting. Now I just wish that there was a way to continuously incorporate Vanderpump Rules into the Summer House story lines.

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[Photo Credit: Instagram]