Lala Kent Explains Her One-Sided Friendship With Scheana Marie & Why She’s The Bethenny Frankel Of Vanderpump Rules

As much as I love watching Vanderpump Rules, I would enjoy it even more if the turnaround time between filming the season and the episodes airing was a lot quicker. I’ve been so intrigued by Lala Kent getting along with and hanging out with Katie Maloney, Stassi Schroeder, and Kristen Doute on social media after seasons of throwing shade. I just want to know how they got to this point where they are actually good friends, but unfortunately I am still waiting for those episodes to air.

Even though Lala was at odds with Kristen, Stassi, and Katie for some time, she has been cool with Scheana Marie for a while, so it’s pretty surprising to learn that Lala is not happy with the current state of their friendship.

During an episode of The Tomorrow Show, Lala insisted that the scene where she asked Lisa Vanderpump for a second chance to be a hostess at SUR was actually legit. She explained, “You can’t be a part of the show… I can’t be a part of the show if I don’t have a job at SUR where I’m going in at least once a week working for two hours as a hostess each time.” It’s interesting how that rule does not apply to every person in the cast.

Later on during the interview Lala said that “Lisa is the most supportive human being in the world, especially to me. I just think she looks at me and sees something that most people don’t and I’m grateful for that.”

Lala was asked, “Would you say that Stassi is the Bethenny Frankel of the Vanderpump franchise?” This is such a random question, but without hesitation, Lala declared, “Baby, I’m Bethenny Frankel of the Vanderpump Franchise.” She was asked if she was “the biggest earner on the team.” She answered, “As far as the show goes, no, but Lala has that Give Them Lala Beauty money.”

Lala also insisted that Stassi’s role as an event planner at SUR is also legitimate and not just a story line for the show. She shared, “I have a showcase further toward the end with all of my music, whether I’ve written it or produced it. I wrote a song for [Randall] Emmett. So that’s there and she put the whole thing together, besides the music part where I got the speakers and stage because that’s my forte I guess. The rest of it she did all of it. She killed it: flowers, framing, organizing tables. She’s great.”

Aside from planning Lala’s showcase, Stassi also got off-camera drinks with Lala, Kristen, and Katie. Lala was asked, “Is there any reason Scheana wasn’t there?” And this when the interview really got interesting. Lala said, “She has her show that she’s doing in Vegas which…. happy for you” and she could have stopped there, but she didn’t.

Just like almost every other person on this show, Lala called out Scheana for being self-involved. Lala said, “I’m not going to give her any attention because I can’t even remember the last time she even asked me if I’m breathing OK. I’m breathing great. I’m doing great. Thank you for asking. This probably isn’t the best time to even mention it, but I’ll mention it to her at some point. I’m a damn good friend, but if you can’t give me one hundred percent and I’m giving one hundred percent, there’s only so much that I can do.”

Lala clarified that “nothing specific” happened that made her feel this way about Scheana, but she did share, “It was just me telling her how proud I am of her with her booking in Vegas and I started my line which was not easy. It took a lot of work. I’m constantly making sure she’s good and I’m just waiting for her to even ask ‘Hey. How are you doing today?’ I’ve actually never heard that once in our however many words of knowing each other.”

Lala did have some nice things to say about Scheana as well: “I’ve said this from the very beginning, even when we weren’t connecting. Scheana has one of the best hearts in the whole entire world. You can’t debate that. It’s just a fact.” Even so, Lala did confess, “I do feel like I’m dealing with someone who’s a little bit insecure with things and I almost treat her like a little, baby bird. I’m like ‘You’re amazing,’ and I don’t do that because I feel like I have to. I do that because she’s my friend. So when I do that, I’m fine with you not acknowledging that I’m doing something too, but maybe just ask ‘How are you today?’ That’s it. It’s pretty easy.” It is.

After yet another discussion about Scheana only caring about Scheana, Lala was asked if she felt like Scheana “thinks she’s the Bethenny Frankel of the show.” Lala theorized, “I think she thinks she’s the Kim K. Ain’t nobody Kim K, but Kim K.”

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