Jax Taylor is late

After five seasons of scandal, it looks like Vanderpump Rules Season 6 is the toughest one yet for Jax Taylor. It started out with the revelation that he cheated on Brittany Cartwright and he has had some scandal to address during every episode ever since.

During the last episode, Lisa Vanderpump got upset when Jax was significantly late to bartend at an event she was hosting. Pretty much everyone in the cast gave Jax shit for being late, but he claims things did not go down the way they came across on television. Reality TV not actually depicting reality? Shocking.

On Twitter, Jax claimed, “In 7 years showing up late once. Mind you I wasn’t that late. They wouldn’t let me walk in because they wanted me to look later than I was.” He didn’t specify who the “they” is that he’s referring to, but it is safe to assume that Jax is referring to production. Otherwise, he would have just called out the cast members by name. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Jax added, “Brittany and I actually showed up at the same time. We took the same car so how could she be on time and I was late??? It’s called TV… I’ve said this a million time you people DO NOT see everything.” With all of the drama on this show, did they really need to orchestrate Jax being late to make cranberry vodkas at a random promotional event? That doesn’t seem necessary.

A Vanderpump Rules fan tweeted Jax, “It’s OK Jax. That is an old show. I’m sure everything is fine by now right? Lisa loves you no matter what.” Jax responded to that with, “It’s very old. It was shot a long time ago. Things change in our group every week.” Yes, they do. I’m sure Jax will be in the doghouse with Lisa for a bit, but the dynamics in this cast really do shift constantly. I’m sure they will be fine – or if they’re not, it will provide solid drama for their show. It’s a win/win situation.

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