Kevin Lee insults Katie's weight

Kevin Lee Backtracks After He Criticized Katie Maloney’s Weight On Vanderpump Rules

Pretty much everyone was on Katie Maloney’s side after the last episode of Vanderpump Rules when Lisa Vanderpump’s “Event Designer” Kevin Lee insulted her weight out of nowhere and made her cry while she was trying to work an event.

Kevin Lee made not one, but several comments on camera, and now the man is backtracking.

Just in case anyone forget, Kevin asked Katie, “What happened?” when he saw her. He even told Katie, “You were much thinner than this. You gained a little bit of weight. You have to work on it. Seriously, I’m telling you as a friend. It’s out of control now. I can tell.”

Who says that? Not even a “friend” would say that – let alone with such a harsh delivery at a public event that was BEING FILMED for a reality TV show.

Maybe Kevin was just thirsting for air time and purposely stirred shit up, but he did more than that. He body shamed and disrespected Katie. Kevin told Page Six, “I found [Katie’s reaction] kind of weird.” Wow, how apologetic.

He continued to dig himself a hole with this one:  “It was a funny kind of joke that I made. I had known her for a while. I thought it would be fun to say things like that to her.” There was nothing “fun” or “funny” about what Kevin said to Katie.

Kevin claimed that he “said it like a friendly comment.” There is nothing remotely friendly about that comment. Page Six also reports that “he feels the entire exchange ‘got out of hand.'” What “exchange”? He insulted Katie while she was innocently handing out appetizers and she still managed to be polite in response. She was nothing short of professional during that interaction.

Kevin said, “I didn’t realize until she really reacted really badly.” What kind of reaction was he expecting? Still, he claimed, “I feel so bad. It wasn’t bad intentioned at all. It was something like, ‘Oh my god, you look a little different than I expected. I haven’t seen you in a while.’ She got really upset.” No, that’s not what he said. Even if it was, the man was absurdly rude.

He has apologized to Katie, but apparently it’s “unclear if she’s forgiven him.” And just when it seemed like Kevin might have (kind of, sort of) actually cared about the way he hurt Katie, he made sure to add, “She’s very sensitive these days.” Wow.

Well, Kevin, you used to be much more relevant than this. You’ve gained quite a big ego. You have to work on it. Seriously, I’m telling you as someone who finds your behavior repulsive a friend. It’s out of control now. I can tell.

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