Katie Maloney Says Kevin Lee Apologized For Critiquing Her Weight

Katie Maloney Says Kevin Lee Apologized For Critiquing Her Weight

More than a week later, I still can’t get over Tom Schwartz shutting down Scheana Marie and referring to her as a “wannabe Kardashian” two episodes ago on Vanderpump Rules. This man never gets involved in the social drama and I am still laughing at that insult. Plus, it was nice to see him standing up for his wife Katie Maloney for a change.

Even so, Schwartz is such a nice guy that I’m sure he felt guilty about insulting Scheana. Schwartz and Katie discussed the latest Vanderpump Rules drama when they appeared on Watch What Happens Live last night.

Andy Cohen told Katie, “Kevin Lee was pretty shady when he commented on your weight tonight at the big party. How shocked were you?” Katie admitted, “I just couldn’t believe that he was saying this to my face.” Andy wondered, “Do you know him well?” Katie said, “No, just from working Lisa’s [Vanderpump] events and from him being around. I was just having a conversation with him.” He barely knows her. That comment was beyond disrespectful- even if they were the best of friends. On top of that, he insulted her on a very popular reality TV show, so now all of the viewers saw the awkward exchange.

Later in the episode Katie revealed that Lisa did confront Kevin for his rudeness. She shared, “She did. I don’t know if she did it that night, right then and there, but she was not happy with him.” No one was happy with him. That was a horrible thing to say.

Katie and Tom confirmed that Kevin ended up apologizing to Katie. Tom shared,”He was very sincere. He sent a nice bouquet of flowers and it was very sincere. He’s a sweet dude.” Eh, I don’t know if I would describe Kevin as a “sweet dude.” He just comes across as rude, insensitive, and dehydrated for attention.

People actually do seem like sweet dudes are Tom’s triplet brothers. Tom said, “They’re the sweetest guys ever. I love them so much. Shout out to my brothers. I miss them so much.” I do too. They should visit next season as well. They were an adorable breath of fresh air. Andy even wants them to appear on Watch What Happens Live. He said, “Please come visit me in the clubhouse.”

Moving on to that “bootleg Kardashian” moment with Scheana, Katie commented, “Did you see my face? I was beaming. I was like ‘This is awesome.’ In contrast, Tom did not think it was so awesome. He said, “Can I just say I’ve never exercised that muscle? It felt good in the moment, but I felt bad the next morning. Scheana, I love you. I hope you have an empire just like them and I’m sorry I said that.” Awww, Tom.

Andy put Tom and Katie on the spot when he asked, “When are you two gonna have a baby?” Tom said, “We like babies. We talk about babies.” Katie teased, “The minute people stop asking. ”

A viewer wanted to know if Katie and Tom have heard from Scheana’s ex-husband Mike Shay. Katie revealed, “Actually recently he reached out and texted me a little bit and sent me some of his tracks to listen to.”

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