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Brandi Glanville Confirms Andy Cohen Filmed Message For Celebrity Big Brother Since Her Kids Couldn’t Appear On Camera; Accuses Omarosa Of Faking Asthma Attack

Brandi Glanville Confirms Andy Cohen Filmed Message For Celebrity Big Brother Since Her Kids Couldn’t Appear On Camera; Accuses Omarosa Of Faking Asthma Attack

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers are very familiar with Brandi Glanville’s high profile divorce and co-parenting struggles. I’m going to spare you all and not rehash the details for the 9747474th time.

That’s why it really wasn’t shocking when she was the only on on the celebrity edition of Big Brother who did not get a video message from a family member. However, it was kind of surprising, yet very sweet when the king of Bravo himself Andy Cohen came through with a message of encouragement for Brandi. Maybe this is means that she is one step closer to her Housewives comeback?

Brandi discussed Andy’s video message and the other cast members in her first episode of the Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast since Celebrity Big Brother wrapped.

Brandi said, “I had a great time. Obviously, I missed my kids. It was really sweet of Andy to send me the Valentine’s Day message.” She continued, “The kids didn’t know what show I was doing and apparently they didn’t watch. They watched one time, but their dad didn’t have it on. My kids did write a letter.”

She continued, “They were not allowed to be put on film and [Andy] knows that very well. He’s really good friends with Julie Chen and they were talking. It was really amazing and it was nice of him to do that. I felt really special and star power. That was nice, but at the same time all I wanted to do is see my kids. It’s probably better in the long run that I didn’t because I would have been a bigger mess than I was.” She added, “I did get the letter that they sent me at the end. Thank god I didn’t get it while I was in the house because I would have just bolted out.”

And after that genuine moment of gratitude, Brandi went in on Omarosa and her asthma. She explained, “A lot of the celebrities in the house were worried more about their image, I think. A lot of them were worried to say ‘I hope she’s OK. I hope she’s fine.’ Obviously no one wants her to die. People do want her to die. No one in the house wants her to die. She lost and she threw a fit and faked an asthma attack. Yes, she had asthma. I knew it. I saw all of her meds. I know she has it. I saw her inhaler, but she had been fine up until that time. Then the wheezing became very convenient. She was definitely manipulating certain people to get sympathy.”

Brandi’s costars underestimated Omarosa and vocalized that they kept her around longer since they didn’t believe she was a physical threat in the game. Brandi admitted, “It was frustrating for me for people not to thin that she was going to be a decent physical competitor because she was.” She added, “People were afraid to question it on camera because of the backlash that they might get. It was a little exhausting.”

Even though Brandi thinks a lot of the celebrities were very cautious about protecting their public personas, she did not have that same problem. She joked, “The good news is I don’t really have a squeaky, clean image.” She explained, “I get to be the reality Brandi and that’s my reality. I didn’t really have anything to protect. I got to be myself luckily. That was my good takeaway: that I didn’t have to be something I wasn’t.”

Marissa Jaret Winokur won Celebrity Big Brother against Ross Matthews in the final two. Brandi shared, “I think that Marisa played a really smart game. She let Ross do all the evil work, the dirty work. She fell under his wing and kind of went with him, still keeping true to her word and being nice to everyone. At the end, I think it was really smart of her to take Ross knowing Ross had pissed a lot of people off. So I think that her game was sneakier than his because she just let him be the bad guy and followed along. Good on both of them. That’s how you’re supposed to play the game.”

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