Dorit apologizes to Camille

Camille Grammer has been making cameo appearances on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for the last few seasons, but it just wasn’t the same as the Camille we first “met” during the show’s first season. Apparently she just needed to face a formidable opponent. Now that Dorit Kemsley is around to irritate the shit out of her, Camille has no problem calling her out for her antics.

Camille has been a very active tweeter all season long. Dorit is more into posting photos of herself on Instagram than sharing  her thoughts on Twitter, but she did log in long enough to respond to Camille’s criticisms and it’s way more interesting than this season’s current disputes over glassware & showing up late.

All of this drama unfolded when a fan replied to a poll asking “Who had the toughest first season?” Camille was not one of the answer choices, but the viewer replied with, “Neither… @TheRealCamilleG had the toughest 1st season… New franchise and very first season of RHOBH @TheRealCamilleG survived massive attacks, a divorce with all that come along, massive group of haters…and to now she’s one of peoples favorites (or sorry THE FAVORITE).” Instead of just thanking the fan for her support, Camille also took it upon herself to call out Brandi Glanville and Dorit, who were both included in the original poll question.

Camille tweeted, “Thanks!! Brandi and Dorit did not have tough seasons. Omg they were spared a lot of ridiculous things they said and did Weren’t aired. #spared.” Dorit quoted that tweet and added, “Ha! Find a hobby @TheRealCamilleG it’s actually becoming sad and pathetic.” Dorit also tweeted, “Really!? Like what @TheRealCamilleG? what ridiculous things have I said that were spared?? You must have an inside scoop that I’m unaware of.”

That was it for Dorit’s contributions to Twitter, but Camille continued to tweet and she even wondered if it was really Dorit who sent those tweets. Camille tweeted, “Is this really you Dorit or is this a fake account. You sound terrible. Disrespect tweet.” She later corrected her typo, writing, “*disrespectful.” Camille also tweeted a fan, “It could be hacked.”

Camille tweeted, “You were spared some of the comments you made at The Project Angel Food event. Omg.. if some of those comments were aired even Kyle [Richards] was concerned 4 you.”

Camille kept on going, pointing out that she was really all alone during her first season of reality TV: “Thank you and I didn’t have any support from my then husband. I had no support but I got through it. It wasn’t easy.” This a stark contrast from the always present and constantly vocal PK Kemsley.

There might be some hope for the two of them to turn things around since Camille wrote to Dorit, “You are having a difficult season this year I understand.. I have been there. It will get better.” That’s pretty doubtful. Dorit lacks both self-awareness and remorse. She has PK backing up everything she does. And in all honesty, Dorit is the only one causing any drama this season, so even though I do side with Camille, I’m all for her nonsense (to a certain extent, anyway).

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]