Scheana Marie

I figured that the Vanderpump Rules season following Scheana Marie’s divorce where she’s happily in a new relationship would be a lot easier than the one before- where she was trying to make it work with her husband while he was “at the studio” during every cast event.

From the shady editing, to the Rob-sessed quotes, there have been very few redeeming moments. Her costars are shading her and so are the viewers. Is the criticism worse than it has been in the past? Apparently so since Scheana’s mom has stepped in to shut down her haters- again.

Scheana’s mom Erika van Olphen went on the defensive with not one, but two Twitter rants. She tweeted, “Getting a few things off my chest..” And then she shared a lengthy screen shot with her thoughts.

The screen shot read: “I feel the need to say this…. Yes my daughter Scheana has put her life on tv… but remember this is a tiny fraction of a very much edited life.. So why do so many people feel the need to put so much hate out there? Does it make them feel better? Were they not raised with love and respect? Its so easy to hide behind screens and spew nasty comments but never, thankfully, has anyone ever said these horrible things to her face.. Always when in public fans smile and love meeting her and always ask for a pic which she always says Yes! Scheanas very humbled by this and grateful for everything she has… I’m blown away ho many hurtful horrible things I see daily written about her and some of her castmates.. Whatever happened to ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, Say nothing at all’ #SpreadLoveNotHate”

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She followed that up with another tweet that said “Continuing from my previous tweet,” and yes, another paragraph, addressing the misconceptions about Scheana: “A follow up to my last thoughts… These are a few words I’ve read this week of people describing Scheana. Delusional, fake, whore, plastic, psycho. Now let me describe the real person you don’t always get to see. Loving, compassionate, empathetic, smart, hard working and very charitable.. Now to the haters out there THIS is Scheana. She’s the one that would drive countless times in the middle of the night after working all day to sit in the ICU when Id be there w my sick brother just because. She’s the one that will always pull over to give food or money to a person in need.. She’s the one that will host a ‘friendsgiving’ at my house on Thanksgiving day every year for those that can’t go home to their families.. Shes one who’s involved w many charities… St. Jude being one of her favorites! She’s the one who will always forgive no matter what! She’s the one that will always be there when needed. She would NEver say these things about herself but I will! Scheana is one of the most selfless people I know! These are just a few many many things Scheana does.. So to all the haters that think they know her… Think again.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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