NeNe Leakes Accuses Kim Zolciak & Sheree Whitfield Of Lying; Kim Says NeNe Has “Victims, Not Friends”

Season 10 of Real Housewives of Atlanta got off to a slow start, but now we are all blessed with the roachgate-induced feud between OG cast members NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak. And just for old time’s sake, Sheree Whitfield is all up in the mix, siding with her girl Kim.

I’m sure that they all went at it during the reunion taping, but clearly there’s still A LOT of residual anger between NeNe and Kim since they went back and forth in yet another social media war.

NeNe posted a photo on Instagram of a note that read, “You better call LIE’rone. CALL ’em.” Obviously, that was a dig at Sheree’s imprisoned boo Tyrone Gilliams. NeNe added: “Hey girlllll…when the lies just keep coming & coming & coming.” Nene also tweeted, “They mad cause Nene was right about LIE’rone.”

Looking at those posts, it seems like NeNe is just coming for Sheree, but Kim is the one who ended up feuding with NeNe on Twitter and that’s because NeNe brought her into it with a not-so-cute nickname: cigarette breath.

NeNe tweeted, “Wigfield & cigarette breath tried 2 discredit me all season long! i pursued LIE’RONE, i stalked LIE’RONE, i got mug shots, my husband old meat, i did mortgage fraud & credit card fraud! They came n2 my house wit ROACH gate, I’m on drugs, etc. I tried my best 2 befriend them but This is why U can never WIN when U play DIRTY.”

That was tough to read and I’m not just referring to the atrocious grammar. NeNe really went in on Kim, Sheree, and Tyrone – a man who is contributing way more to this show than a lot of the paid cast members this season.

Instead of taking the high road, Kim got in on the fun and tweeted, “This is exactly why I said this bitch has to be on something. She’s insane! Nobody wanted to be befriended by a bitch who consistently shows their ass. WE know who you are. The REAL you! Nobody values your friendship. Haven’t for years! You have victims not friends.” That is not shade. That is a statement full of outright insults.

Kim continued: “Cigarette breathe? I haven’t smoked a cigarette in years. The bug was in your house just a few months ago. FACT What else?”

Mrs. Biermann tweeted, “I pray to god I’m not this miserable and bored at 50. Imagine being so sad and stupid that the only time anyone’s mentioning you is if you’re mentioning someone you ‘have no time for’ off to film my OWN show! Have a great day you guys! Stay blessed not stressed/pressed.”

Then NeNe came back with this response: “@Kimzolciak this is why I CHOSE NOT to do a show wit your lying miserable ass! Remember that bitch! Yeah they made up an excuse 2 help u b/c i didn’t want to work wit yo ass (our schedules didn’t line up). I’m more than happy you have your OWN show that you DONT deserve #facts.” Is it bad timing for me to say that I am actually so on board with NeNe and Kim having a show now that they hate each other again? I would love to watch a whole series devoted to Kim and NeNe feuding.

NeNe tweeted, “@Kimzolciak i can speak a lot of FACTS so you might wanna shut the f-ck up! I never LIE because i don’t have too.” Kim, please don’t shut the f-ck up. I want NeNe to come through with some accusations and receipts. Please provoke her, Kim. I support it completely.

And then NeNe tweeted another joke that didn’t really land. Yeah, I “get” it, but it’s not that funny: “@Kimzolciak with that Miserable Rotten Costco’s Peach.” Kim doesn’t want that peach. She wants to come and go as she pleases, stir shit up, skip out on group trips, and collect a check in between filming seasons of her own show.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]